Credit cards are great when one makes use of them wisely. When you’re traveling, they are especially good: you can get so many advantages from travel credit cards if you know how to use them. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do your research and the best travel card with the best credit card offers.

Yet, which is the best credit card of them all? It turns out that the best travel credit card could be the one that you already have in your personal wallet! Your card could have some advantages that include TSA PreCheck and Global Entry that will make your airport experience a smooth one.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the 6 travel advantages your credit card has that you might not know about. Your card could be ranked, possibly, among of the best credit cards for international travel!



One of the best travel rewards credit card advantages is free of charge lounge access at the airport! Some cards have this option but you have to go to what is called the card’s benefits portal and activate your membership from there to be able to access multiple lounges without any trouble at all.

Obviously, a lot of people know about and have caused some overcrowding in specific lounges. Why be in the dark when you can benefit from something that is free and awesome at the same time?

Also, you can get free meals at the airport just by knowingly using your credit card. Therefore, check which option does your credit card offer and benefit from it.



The best credit card rewards programs have to include travel health insurance as an advantage for cardholders. Evidently, many credit card companies include such a thing, and you should definitely benefit from it.

If you are about to travel abroad and are not sure about the travel health insurance you need to go for, take a step back, and check whether your credit card has is or not.

Most likely, it will! Therefore, save your money and go with your credit card in your pocket. You never know when you’ll have to use it and what health situation might arise.



TSA PreCheck and Global Entry programs are membership-based. If you’re not a member of the program, you cannot get the advantages a regular member would normally get.

The good thing is that some credit cards, especially the premium cards, allow you to be a member of these two programs without having to sign up for them personally and pay all the related annual fees.

Moreover, you can get the fees you already paid for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry reimbursed just by being a credit card holder of a company that has an agreement with these two programs.



Rental car coverage and Roadside assistance are both services that come sometimes included with your credit card. Therefore, you’d do well to check with your credit card provider whether you have access to such services as free perks.

However, it is common that both travel credit cards and regular credit cards come bundled with them. The most important between the two is rental car coverage. It allows you to be protected all the time in case any damage happens to the car you’ve rented during your holiday.

You won’t have to incur any costs should any damage happen, provided that you use the card for the rental agreement and decline the collision damage waiver.



Lost baggage is very common with the millions of people that travel every day. If you happen to get your baggage lost or stolen at an airport, a train station, or a bus station, there is a great likelihood that you are protected against such damage thanks to your credit card.

Most rewards credit cards protect their holders should an unfortunate event such as this one occurs. However, to take advantage of this feature, you need to claim reimbursement for damages from your carrier first. Then whatever doesn’t get covered by your carrier, your credit card provider will take care of it.



Delays are bound to happen! If you are a holder of a premium credit card, you will get to enjoy some coverage of the cost that you need for meals and accommodation during the period of the delay.

However, such coverage will only come into effect after a certain amount of time passes, which could reach 18 hours sometimes.

Keep in mind, though, that your credit card provider will not provide any coverage until you prove that you have been refused coverage by your airline company. You can benefit immensely if the carrier with which you’re flying proves to be stubborn in giving you what is due to you.

Aren’t travel rewards credit cards just awesome? Of course, they are! If you have, then check with the credit card provider to know about all the perks that it includes; if, however, you do not have one, consider getting the best travel credit card for your next trip.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever used any of the credit card advantages we outlined in this article.