We are still living in a pandemic world, and our lives are somehow in some kind of stand-by. But that doesn’t mean we have to stay quiet and don’t make any plans. To be honest, and to keep our minds working well, we should continue making plans for all kinds of things! Buy a car, buy a house, get back to studies, change our job and, of course, plan that trip to one country from our bucket list! And if Asia is one of those countries, I say that you should start planning it as soon as possible. Probably it will take some time till we can freely travel to whatever we want, but Asia is a very particular country. Despite it having wonderful places to see and people to meet, there are many things that can completely ruin your so desired trip.

Got curious? If yes, and if traveling to Asia is a must-do trip, read this article and know what to avoid when traveling to Asia.

1. You Don’t Need To Learn Their Language

One mistake that people make before traveling to Asia is learning their language to avoid misunderstandings. But, trust me, this may be the worst thing you can do. First, Asia has a lot of different languages and dialects, and learning them is quite difficult. Second, unless you go to a very remote village, most people know English, and despite some little things, everyone will understand what you want. But trying to use their language may result in offenses, even if you don’t know that you did it. Even hand gestures may be better for you than trying to use their words.

2. Taking The Entire Wardrobe With You

Some people like to go prepared for any kind of weather. Even if they’re traveling to Asia during summer, they’ll take some warmer clothes “just in case it gets cold.” That’s a mistake you really should avoid when traveling to Asia. You see, Asia countries have a lot to offer, and clothes and other items at a reduced price is one of them. Other than this, you don’t want to be carrying a big and heavy suitcase through a couple of miles in a highly populated city. Just take the essentials with you and buy the rest at your destination.

3. Going Without A Travel Insurance

This is one of the most important things you should avoid when traveling to Asia: not getting travel insurance. Most people don’t see many benefits on that until they need it. A quick search about Asian countries will show how they drive especially taxi drivers and… well, let’s just say that travel insurance is extremely important. More than that, travel insurance will protect your belongings, yourself, and some of them even include an evacuation policy in case something very serious happens to you.

4. Letting Everyone Know You’re A Tourist

You can say that you’re completely different from that country’s inhabitants, and everyone will know you’re not from here. But one thing is looking different, another thing is looking like a target! Any Asian city will be highly populated, and this is the right place for burglars, scammers, thieves, and other bad people to completely walk almost unnoticed. Don’t carry huge backpacks still with luggage tag hanging, try not to look extremely overwhelmed with everything you’re seeing, don’t walk around with an expensive camera on your shoulder. Try your best to be as discreet as possible, as this can save you from a lot of trouble.

5. Always Eat At Sit Down Restaurants

If you’re planning to always eat at restaurants, you’ll be facing 2 different problems. One, you’ll waste a lot of money on food; two, you’ll miss out on what street food has to offer you. And trust me, Asian street food it’s one of the best! Unless you’re that kind of person with a very peculiar taste, you should try all the food, some of it “weird,” that street food markets are preparing in loco. Nevertheless, there are some things that you really should avoid, especially raw and very greasy food, as it may get you very sick.

6. Not Paying Attention To Local Culture

When you’re traveling to Asia, especially more southeast countries and cities, you need to know that some of them are very religious. And Buddhism has some strict rules that people follow unconditionally and expect that any foreign person respects them as well. This also works for political values, and speaking about their government may be seen as disrespectful. So, to help you, these are some things you should really avoid, either due to religious or political matters:

  • Don’t touch people’s heads. In Buddhism, the head is sacred.
  • Don’t point your feet at people. While the head is sacred, feet are the lowest thing people have, and pointing your bare feet to them is extremely rude.
  • Don’t disrespect their Gods. Know who they are and how you should present yourself to them.
  • Don’t talk about the monarchy. People love their Kings, and talking about them is not tolerated.
  • Don’t talk about the government. Just like the kings that people truly love, their government was people’s choice and saying bad things about the government is saying bad things about what they chose. Asia is truly a wonderful country with many beautiful things to offer to anyone who goes there. If you’re planning a trip to Asia as soon as we can all travel again, you should really consider these things, because they’re really important for a successful journey!