Popular wisdom is right: breakfast is even the most important meal for guaranteeing the necessary energy for the day. It doesn’t matter if you heard this from your mother, friends, or doctor. Everyone has heard this phrase in life. And if it really is true, we must consider that breakfast, even more than other meals, carry a lot of people’s culture. Our inevitable curiosity is responsible for asking the question: “What will people in other places eat when they wake up?” Let’s see in beautiful mouth-watering photos the answer to that question. Check out the most breakfast around the world below!

1. Argentina

Our “dear” brothers have always had one more foot in Europe than we do. As soon as they wake up, they enjoy warm croissants and drink the traditional mate, which also contains caffeine and gives them the spirit to face the day.

2. Australia

Australians are crazy about Vegemite, a dark brown paste made from yeast extract, a residual product of brewing. Its flavor is super strong and very salty and is usually eaten with bread or toast. Of course, you could not miss Vegemite for breakfast from the land of kangaroos, accompanied by good old fresh coffee.

3. Brazil

Although Brazilians live in a continental country and rich in different cultures, it’s possible to “make an average” of Brazilian breakfast. Bread (usually “French”), butter, cheese, fruit jelly, and cold cuts, such as ham and mozzarella. To drink, the famous “pingado,” also known as “media,” which is a very warm coffee with milk, or a fresh orange juice. It is worth remembering, not to confuse, that in some places in Brazil, “average” is French bread.

4. China

The Chinese breakfast doesn’t have anything too exotic: it just gives us the impression of a meal at the wrong time. After all, who would eat something like yakisoba in the morning? One of the most famous Chinese breakfast dishes is You Tiao, known as “Chinese churros,” which is served with soy milk, rice porridge, or milk with sugar. Chinese break their fast with typical oriental noodles, accompanied by fried vegetables and plenty of soy sauce. They also consume a lot of rice and chicken meat.

5. Egypt

The land of the ancient pharaohs consumes a very hearty breakfast. One of the typical dishes served at this meal is called ful medames, made with fava beans, chickpeas, vegetable oil, cumin, and other spices, such as garlic, onions, chives, lemon, olive oil, and pepper. Accompanies boiled eggs, Arabic bread, and tea.

6. Germany

No, Germans don’t have a beer for breakfast (at least not most). German breakfast consists of the famous black bread, a wide variety of local cheeses, and the famous smoked sausages, and a fresh cup of coffee.

7. Spain

Simple yet delicious, Spanish breakfast is very healthy, maybe the healthiest breakfast in the world. Slices of fresh bread topped with a thick tomato sauce well seasoned with garlic, plus orange juice and coffee. Olive oil adds that special touch to this delicacy.

8. United States

Famous for their high-fat, high-fat food, Americans tend to eat a heavy meal in the morning. A classic of the films: scrambled eggs, fried bacon, and pancakes. Drink: coffee (very weak, by the way).

9. France

French breakfast features very light croissants, traditional from that country, accompanied by butter, fruit jelly, coffee, and orange juice. Ah, you can’t miss the famous baguette and the incredible French cheeses. Bon appétit!

10. England

Much like American breakfast, classic English breakfast takes, in addition to eggs and bacon, plated tomatoes, sweet red beans, sausage, mushrooms, and black pudding, a sausage made of blood, similar to our chorizo or black pudding. Will you face it? Accompanies tea, coffee, and orange juice.

11. Iceland

To spoil your appetite, already so stimulated with all these beautiful dishes, let’s go out of that line and talk about the traditional Icelandic breakfast called Thorramatur. This morning meal is consumed in January and February as part of the traditions of the winter solstice parties. In addition to delicacies like shark meat fermented underground for three months, the traditional Icelandic breakfast also includes rye bread, smoked or cooked mutton, and even seal fins cured in lactic acid. A really exotic morning meal, right?

12. Italy

In a country with so many wonderful treats like Italy, breakfast seems pretty light. A beautiful cappuccino made with the best coffee beans (strong, of course) and a delicious croissant. Thus, there is more space for lunch pasta and pizza for dinner.

13. Japan

Have you ever imagined eating a tofu breakfast? That’s what the Japanese do almost every day. Dipped in soy sauce and ginger zest, food is a very healthy option to start the day. In addition to tofu, Japanese people also appreciate rice and fish cuts to eat as soon as they wake up. All this diversity of breakfasts is democratic, as it is hard to please the palates. Even with the most exotic tastes, as the Irish do, don’t they? If you have your mouth watered but don’t see many possibilities to taste them, don’t be discouraged. If in the city where you live there is no typical restaurant or natural friend of the place whose cuisine you want to try, it is possible to make the vast majority of these treats at home!