You usually hear about the best and greatest travel tips, but what about the bad ones that you should never trust or even consider!
So we’ve been navigating through the worst travel advice people share on twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, and we decided to share with you the top 8 travel advice that you should never follow. This applies to both weekend getaways and long vacations overseas.

So have fun reading about all the reasons why you should avoid these tips and try to make it to the end of the article, where you’ll find some handy information on how to find the best travel advice.

8. Never stay at Hostels

You may hear that hostels are full of people who are always trying to talk and connect, plus, you won’t even be able to have your own bathroom while staying there. Well, as opposed to hotels, hostels embrace human connections and cultural exchanges. In fact, sometimes, even if you want to stay alone, spending a few nights at a hostel can come with the most amazing discoveries and experiences.

What’s more, the hostel atmosphere is friendlier, cooler, and honestly, much more fun. And if you’re worried about sharing a room with strangers, many hostels offer rooms for one with a private bathroom and all.

You should probably just Google the world’s best hostels and see for yourself.

7. Always book one year ahead

When you book a flight a year or more in advance, chances are pretty high that all prices would be irresistibly low and even too good to resist, which makes it too tempting (and also very reasonable) to get that ticket.

Well, there’s also a high risk that your trip will never happen if it’s planned for one year or even more from now. The wiser alternative is to make your bookings a few months earlier so you can plan better and get to actually experience the trip as well.

6. Never try street food

For starters, not all street food is dangerous, and it’s definitely not going to kill you or send you to the ER. So just chill. Also, it’s fine to trust a street vendor while visiting a country you’ve never been to. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious when trying street food that you’ve never seen before. While it can be such a great experience, first, you need to take several factors into considerations, such as your food allergies or intolerances.

Your best bet is to ask locals and read about popular street foods before taking any risks.

5. Only use tourist transport

While it offers safety and comfort, tourist transport is usually very costly. So if you’re on a budget, using only tourist transport to get around isn’t worth it at all.

You shouldn’t be afraid to give public transport a try; not only will it help you save money but also get closer to the locals and truly experience the city you’re visiting.

And in case you’re not comfortable with the idea of using public transport, you can always rent a car and move as freely and safely as you want.

4. Choose a restaurant with Free wi-fi

Let me ask you one very important question: why would anyone consider free wi-fi as the most important factor when looking for a good restaurant? I mean, we basically spend some precious time trying to find a good restaurant so we can enjoy a delicious or authentic meal, and not to connect to the internet and forget about the real world and the actual reason why we are so far from home.

3. Place love locks on every bridge you see

Do you really think that a lock will symbolize and even preserve the love of your life?

On your travels, you should seriously let go of the overly-romantic idea of putting a love lock on every bridge you see. Besides the fact that those love locks are overpriced, some bridges are literally about to collapse due to the weight of too many locks.

2. Complain when nobody speaks English

Complaining when nobody speaks English is one of the most annoying traveler habits. Just keep in mind that you traveled all this way to get proper cultural experience, and the least you can expect is for locals to speak English. Actually, you should be the one trying to learn some basic sentences or even words in the local dialect so you can connect better with those around you, as well as show your respect.

1. Let the locals know about your country

While visiting a foreign country, you should do your very best to resist the temptation of starting every sentence with “in my country…”

Besides being annoying and completely unnecessary, comparing everything that’s happening around you to your own very familiar country is only going to ruin the real meaning of traveling and exploring. Also, it’s rude and insulting to make it sound like your country is better at everything while talking to people who come from different places. And one important piece of advice: please keep your perspective on history and politics to yourself. After all, traveling is all about embracing other cultures, traditions, lifestyles, and mindsets.

When you’re traveling the world, you need to be smart about your travel choices and decisions. And to go out there and start exploring confidently, you should always be on the lookout for the best travel advice. This is how you can find great travel tips

There are certainly various ways to find a reliable travel guide, but your top resources should be the following:

  • Asking friends who’ve been there already or joining forums
  • Visiting cool travel blogs (bloggers do a great job at providing travel tips and tricks, as well as they, share their own detailed stories.)
  • A hostel is always a great place to get started because you’ll often encounter experienced travelers and locals who can answer all your questions and offer you valuable information.
  • Use helpful travel apps and websites, like Foursquare, Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, CouchSurfing, ShowAround, etc.

So ask, socialize, and interact, be it online or offline.

Before you go, tell us about the most terrible travel tips you’ve ever received! And don’t forget to share this article with people you know.