If you have just booked your dream travel adventure, you will start going crazy, trying to figure out how to plan a trip successfully. Forget all about the classical trip planners; nowadays, everything you need is on your phone.

Yes, we are talking about trip planning apps – easy to navigate and super convenient; this planning method is the best alternative to arrange every tiny detail of your journey.

In this article, we will explore the six best trip planners to download, so you can figure out which one better suits your needs.

1. TripIt

This travel app is quite famous, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you had already heard of it. You can download it for free and is available for iOS devices, as well as Android Phones.

Trip planning with Triplt is quite intuitive and easy – your only task is to provide the e-mails that confirm your traveling plans to the service, and the app will generate your travel schedule on the spot.

Say goodbye to that annoying task of having to piece everything together and to all the worrying about having to remember every step of the way by yourself.

This app will tell you everything – at what time do you need to be at the airport gate to catch your flight when the car that’s picking you up is arriving, and the time you need to arrive at the hotel to make the check-in. You can even keep track of your restaurant reservations using this app.

On top of all that, and this is one of the reasons this is one of the best travel apps in the market, you can sync your calendar with the app, so it will notify you of all the important events you need to attend.

You can purchase the premium service by a year if you wish to receive real-time flight alerts or use their alternative flight scanner, but users seem to be pretty satisfied with the free version of this app.

2. Sygic Travel Trip Planner

This is another free trip-planning app you can get for both iPhone and Android, and even though it’s more focused on planning for touristic vacation destinations, business travelers can use it as well.

You can use this app to get all the information you need on your travel destination, from museums and cafes to restaurants and sightseeing. Photos are also available, so you can know right ahead what you are getting yourself into.

For people who travel for business, the premium version of this app allows them to navigate offline maps using a daily itinerary planner that calculates all sorts of travel times, including walking distances – it can be purchased for .

3. Roadtrippers

As the name indicates, this app’s focus is the whole journey, and not only the destination. Therefore, this is the ideal app for you to download if you are planning an epic road trip.

This app will suggest a series of stops during your itinerary, whether it is a curious moment, or a highly rated diner on the side of the road with French fries to die for.

If you are one of enjoys every moment down the road, this app was made for you. Currently, it is available in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, and you can find it on the Play Store and the Apple Store.

4. TripHobo

TripHobo is the kind of app that will build your itinerary for it. Tell the app what you like, what you need, and how much you can spend on your vacation, and it will come up with a suggestion. If you have a small budget, it will suggest a cheap hotel room, cheap flight tickets, and an affordable travel destination.

The point is, it will plan your vacation according to what you like and what you can afford. It can be used by anyone, from business people to people who just want to have fun.

And the best part is that it will save you a lot of time on planning because it will do everything for you – from planning the best route to suggesting the perfect restaurant. Plus, you can download a version of your itinerary to use offline, how great is that?

And to finish, just another amazing extra: if inspiration ever fails you, you can look at travel plans made by other users and see if you get any ideas that suit your traveling mood. It’s free for Android and iOS.

5. Google Trips

And because Google Apps has every app you can imagine, here is the traveling app developed by Google. If you are receiving your travel details on your Gmail account, you don’t need to do anything – the app will gather all the needed information automatically, organizing it thoroughly into individual trips, and scheduling your daily plans.

Yes, this gets done simply by pressing a button, what a time to be alive, right? But this isn’t everything. Google will present some suggestions for places nearby, based on your interests and availability.

The interface is pretty instinctual, so that you will figure it out in no time. It’s a pretty convenient way to gather every single one of your traveling details in one place and to access and navigate those plans easily.

However, changing your plans is not as easy on Google Trips as it is on Triplt, but then again, you can’t have everything. This app is available for Androids and iPhones alike, and it’s free.

6. TripCase

And last, but not least on this list of free trip-planning apps, we have an app that differs from all the other ones above, because its approach is more focused on business traveling, for a change.

The mechanism is the same as Triplt – you forward your travel confirmation details, and the app takes care of everything. However, it allows you to have more flexibility when organizing your traveling details, which is ideal for business travel, where you will be subjected to a tighter schedule.

This app saves your air travel information, including your seat inside the plane, and on arrival, it gives you the option to call an Uber.

If something goes wrong, you can use this app to find an alternative without harming your plans, which is why business travelers enjoy this adaptable app. You can get it for free on both Android and iOS, but for only a year, you can get the premium version, which includes expense tracking.

If you own an Apple Watch, the app will give you the option to get the notifications on your watch. This way, you won’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket every single time you need to check on something, providing a convenient and elegant manner to get your updates.