For lovers of the outdoors, there is nothing like camping alone or with friends or family. There are countless good camping sites in the U.S. to choose from: those located on the most beautiful mountain slopes; those closest to beaches with magnificent views; and those that offer you the possibility to explore extraordinary trails through the countryside, among many other options.

But, after all, what are the best camping spots in the U.S.? That’s what we’re going to show you in the seven best places to camp in the U.S. you should know. These are places of reference for the camping world and will make your camping experience a beginner or experienced camper unique and unforgettable. They are:

1. Acadia National Park, Maine – Over 6000 Lakes and Ponds

Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island in the U.S. and is one of the best camping sites on the east coast. And that happens for a very simple reason: this park is phenomenal and full of natural resources.

Acadia National Park is covered by about 17 million acres of forest. It has over 6,000 lakes and ponds and 32,000 miles of rivers and trails to discover – basically any explorer’s camper’s dream constantly looking for new finds and natural treasures.
The park offers three camps:

  • Seawall was open from late May to early September.
  • Schoodic Woods was in operation from the end of May to the beginning of October).
  • Blackwoods, which is always operational.

2. White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire – If You’re Looking For Rustic Experience

If you like to camp in more remote places and without great comfort, as you consider this to be the true essence of camping, then you should take your camping tents to New Hampshire.

In the northern region of this American state, you will find the White Mountain National Forest. This is one of the best travel destinations for all campers looking for a more rustic and isolated experience.

The forest has about 800 places where you can camp, and there you can have unmissable views of the fall of the leaf in the autumn season; it has the possibility of observing moose, deer, black bears, among other animals; and, of course, go hiking or mountain biking along the most spectacular mountain trails. And you can do all this whenever you want because the forest is accessible all year round.

3. Everglades National Park, Florida – Largest Subtropical Wilderness in the USA

One of the best places to camp is in Florida, and we are talking about the Everglades National Park. It is an extraordinary nature park known to have the largest subtropical wilderness area in the USA.

This means that when camping in this location, you will have the incredible opportunity to discover landscapes of incomparable beauty and countless species of animals that most people are unaware of, such as the American crocodile, the manatee, among other endangered species.

The Everglades covers more than 2,400 square miles and offers you countless routes and nature trails for you to unleash your adventurous spirit of discovery.

4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee – Most Visited National Park in the USA

If you love camping but are always asking yourself, “Where to camp in the U.S. next year?” The answer is very simple: in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located in Tennessee. This is the most visited national park in the USA for a very obvious reason: it has incredible beauty.

The Great Smokey Mountains have more than ten campsites with running water and bathrooms, which greatly facilitates the life of those who like to enjoy a minimum of comfort in the middle of nature. In addition, the park has immense waterfalls and landscapes to lose sight of, allowing you to set up your tent in a truly idyllic setting.

5. Big Meadows, Virginia – Gorgeous Outdoor Getaway

The Big Meadows is located in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, and is the ideal place for anyone looking for an outdoor getaway. So, if you are looking for cheap travel destinations and want to spend a great weekend outdoors, for example, the Blue Ridge Mountains are perfect for you.

This park covers approximately 300 square miles and offers you countless options for fun and relaxation in nature. You can take walks along the most desirable mountain trails, discover waterfalls or relax around a fire.

Besides, the possibility of observing the fauna and flora in its raw state and the perfect and panoramic views over the region are images that will be kept forever in your memory.

6. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, California – Paradise for Camping Lovers

The Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, located in California, is one of the best west places for camping. It is located on the western slope of the Santa Lucia Mountains and along the Big Sur River and is an authentic natural paradise for all wild camping enthusiasts.

It is a unique camp that accommodates all campers, hikers, cyclists, motorhomes, and many others. And all of them can appreciate the wildlife in all its splendor, from the contemplation of redwoods, oaks, and willows to the observation of animal species such as lynx, raccoons, and skunks, among others. All this without forgetting the panoramic and unforgettable views that you collect along with your crossings.

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular places in the USA and, as such, you must make a prior reservation to be able to visit it. Some reports indicate that it is necessary to make a reservation seven months in advance, so avoid leaving everything until the last minute.

7. Silver Falls State Park, Oregon – The Crown Jewel of State Parks

Silver Falls State Park is located in Oregon and is known for being the crown jewel of state parks. There are many reasons for its popularity. After you visit it, you will state the same because what this park offers will make you want to come back.

It is situated at the foot of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, covers about 9,200 acres of forest, and has amazing scenic beauty capable of filling your chest with pride. In this type of place, we, as human beings, feel truly small and humble in the face of nature’s immense beauty. This is one of the best experiences that a person should have in life.

These are the seven best places to camp in the U.S. you should know and that you can visit and visit on your next adventure. That way, start separating your camping gear now and, alone or in the company of friends or family, start discovering new places and natural charms that only camping can offer you. In the end, tell us all about what you liked best – with photographs, of course.