There are plenty of “bizarre” habits and practices across cultures around the world, from bathing in cow urine in some African and Indian tribes, burping audibly to show gratitude for the food in China, to breaking dishes in traditional German weddings and letting the newlyweds clean them up to display teamwork!

The list of cultural practices in different countries is endless and as much as you may enjoy them when you visit a certain country, there are even more surprising or shocking things you should learn about to avoid any inconveniences in your next destination.

For example, did you know that forgetting your wife’s birthday gets you arrested in Samoa, or that rescuing a drowning person is illegal in China? More is in store for you!

In this list, you have exactly six unusual, or “weird,” things that you shouldn’t do if you’re a resident of any of the countries we’re about to mention otherwise you’ll have to pay some huge fines.