What is the most important thing that travelers think of doing right after landing long-distance flights? Yes, that is right: they think of having a long nap before they kick off their journey.

But let us go a bit back in time where the real journey starts with your flight reservation and hotel room booking. In this, travel booking agents and travel booking websites can help you to find a suitable flight and hotel deals with a single click.

If you do successfully find promo flights, then go ahead with booking low-cost airline tickets. The plane seats booked at low prices might not be very comfy, but the point is that you still can get to your destination and spend your money on an actual adventure travel’s activities with a travel insurance policy in hand.

Once you set your foot in your destination, you can certainly use a nap on the most comfortable beds ever. Well, if you are wondering about what hotel chain has the best beds, then the answer is coming up! Here are 10 hotels with 10 best beds!