It is sad that the ultimate human existence on earth is short. This is how we perceive life as a very short journey, throughout which we discover ourselves and finally leave without saying even goodbye.

So strive to make your life journey amusing and worthwhile. Travelling is one to realize this. Air travel is for many an interesting experience to explore the new skies and lands.

As summer is already here, people are planning to get their hands on cheap business class fares, reserving private guides for tours, and grabbing the shots of the best active vacation packages.

Well, now, this is your turn to mark your travel with brand new cultural experiences. Vacations are good moments to spend with your family and friends away from any source of stress.

Buying super cheap plane tickets will give you the chance to save more money to spend on more interesting stuff to do in your destination. But sometimes, when distances are more remote than you think, you need to have a layover in a given country.

You would often wait for hours in your layover stop bored, but some airports succeed at satisfying the layover passengers by providing them with a bouquet of activities. Here is the list of 10 airports with the best layover activities ever.


Many people prefer air travel over road trips despite having the latter much more fun, yet exhausting. The truth is that even air travel can be hectic and exhausting especially when you travel to a faraway destination.

Layovers become inescapable in this case. But when you are staying in an airport like Munich’s, you will feel less bored and enjoy your time. You could relax or take a nap in the lounge with other passengers, enjoy a tasty meal and a nice shopping round in the stores inside.

The airport looks large and in the form of a small town worth it to tour and see what it has got. The comfortable chairs and benches are perfect spots for a sweet nap.


Admittedly, traveling takes a lot of planning which starts from your first phase of your flight reservation to the phase of actually arriving at your destination.

It is, therefore, useful to ask for the assistance of a travel booking agent, who would recommend the most reliable hotel search sites, excellent flight and hotel deals, and all details pertaining to cheap prices of plane tickets.

Layovers could be one part of your traveling experience if you are going somewhere far distant from your departure point. Luckily, some airports provide travelers with very interesting activities like the LAX airport does.

The airport introduces travelers to the pets unstressing passengers program. Therapy dogs along with their handlers tour the terminals to introduce their buddies to the travelers to make them feel home and comfortable. They might also acquaint you with flight information as well. It is a weird but fun experience.


 The best travel journeys are the ones through which you learn a lot about the world and about yourself more importantly. It is a new chance to see the universe from different angles and eyes, so ensure making worth it.

On your way to or back from an Asian country, you might stop at Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan. The airport provides passengers with a must-grab –chance to see the stars at close range thanks to the planetarium Starry Café.

If you are going to layover there for few hours before taking off again, there is plenty to do. The Haneda airport is lighted up by the mesmerizing of 40,000,00 stars. You would need a whole day to count the number of stars that look amazing. It is just that you will have to pay about ¥ 250 to access the café.


Traveling does neither require nor mean that you need to stay in luxury vacation rentals with the internet access 24/7 or enjoy the best room service at your hotel. Traveling is a spiritual practice more than being a merely materialistic act.

Always look for cheap offers on travel booking websites, and plan for how you are going to make the best out of the chance you get. Now enough with travel booking, and let us get back to the layover!

Sometimes, having to stay in layover airport for few hours before continuing your way is not really bad. This could be said if you land at Narita international in Tokyo.

Thanks to the airport’s Juko Oxygen Lounge, travelers enjoy waiting for their planes. You will enjoy the flavors of all plants upon your choice.


 Do you usually pick flights with layovers or direct lines to your destinations? When it is possible, flying directly to your destination is less hectic, but when it is not, you will likely have to put up with waiting for your next flight at your layover airport.

It might sound like a nightmare, but it can be special thanks to the services and activities, if there are any, provided by your airport. If you are to spend your layover time at Vancouver international airport, you might enjoy the view of an onsite breath-taking aquarium exhibit.

It is full of 20,000 marine plants plus other creatures such as wolf eels, colored greenlings, and seaperch. A whole marine world in front of your eyes and at close range.


Travels booking procedures are not complicated anymore. All you need is a valid pass and visa, if required, plus a plane ticket, then hip hop on a plane to your destination. Long-distances’ travels might not be as fun as they might be described.

But they are still amusing. If a layover is included in your travelling line, there is no way to escape it. Well, that should not be an issue if you are landing somewhere interesting; a place to explore during your short period of waiting.

For instance, if your layover is assigned at Incheon International in Seoul, you will get the opportunity of checking out the amazing ice-skating rink and ice forest. The whole experience can change your life. The forest is open to visitors on a seasonal basis.


 If you decide to book your flight early, you might get the chance of benefiting from super cheap plane tickets. You will also have time to choose the best travel insurance, just in case you need an urgent emergency medical care while you are in your destination.

Even if you are notified of your stay at a layover airport, it is okay, there are always fun things to do while waiting for your plane. If your layover is designated to be at -Zurich airport, then you are lucky.

You will not feel bored at all. Thanks to the mind-blowing landscape of Switzerland, it is no surprise to find a 74-hectare nature preserve between two of the runaways at the airport.


Thanks to the best online travel booking sites, designating your travel destination and getting your plane tickets have become easier than they used to be. With a mere click on the button, your phone or computer screen can display the best offers and deals ever.

Just keep your checked luggage light to smoothen your whole trip. If you land at a nice layover airport, you journey will be nicer.

If your defined layover is officially at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, then get ready to discover the history of the most popular paintings from all eras displayed for passengers who are interested in art. Schiphol airport is your ticket to see the wonderful Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


 Some travelers seem to be completely careless about the plane they would board or the airport where they would have their layover.

This is wrong; if you don’t think seriously of what you are going to do during your layover period, you will end losing that enthusiasm spark with which you started your journey. Fortunately, some airports around the world do consider this question seriously.

This is why some of them start to provide unimaginable and unexpected services and activities for travelers. For example, while you are at the New Chitose airport, you can visit one of Hokkaido’s hot springs; which is said to grab the attention of many visitors. The sauna and spa are worth it to visit too.


Don’t be hesitant when it comes to rewarding yourself through booking a ticket to one of the places you always dreamt of visiting! It is your chance to refresh yourself and start over again when you are back.

You might become reluctant, though, when it comes to picking the right flight, especially if a layover is involved. This does not have to be perceived as an awful fact.

You can have fun and enjoy your time while waiting at your layover airport if you pick wisely the right flight since the very beginning.

If you land at Hong Kong international, as a layover, you will take a close look at the 9-hole golf course, which is closed due to the airport hotel expended constructions. Try, though, playing in the Golfzon simulator. It is so much fun.

There are certainly other airports with interesting activities worldwide. Once you get at your destination, you can then enjoy a sweet nap at your hotel room that you reserved on independent hotel booking sites.

As for now, it is time to buy an air ticket after checking all airlines ticket prices and kick off your trip.