‘’Credit card or Debit card ?’’This is a question that everyone asks when they reach for their wallet to pay! Let’s admit it! Reaching for the wallet is like a multiple choice test. However, many consumers today prefer using debit cards than credit cards thinking that both of these payment methods are the same, which is not true!

In fact, credit cards and debit cards may look almost identical, but each payment method has advantages and each is also better used in certain situations.

Moreover, there is a huge difference in how transactions are processed by the two payment methods and the protections offered to consumers when they use them. Hence, unlike the common belief, not all plastic is the same.

According to budget-savvy experts say that using the debit card payment method might be good as it doesn’t allow shoppers to spend more than the amount of money they have in the bank, but at the same time, it’s not safe and can be really dangerous and that’s for several reasons.