1. Why is your flight delayed?

The first thing you need to do is trying to find out why your flight is listed as delayed. There are several ways to do this: if the gate agent doesn’t inform passengers about the cause of delay, you should ask him; you can check if the incoming flight was delayed earlier in the day – if a plane is delayed in its first flight of the day, all its later flights will probably be affected; if the weather is bad, you can check the airport’s website, as most of them notify passengers when bad weather is causing delayed flights. Here are the most common causes of delays:

  • Airline glitches (the top cause);
  • Fueling;
  • Extreme weather conditions (storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc);
  • Maintenance issues;
  • Air traffic;
  • Security issues;
  • Plane delayed in an earlier flight;

Knowing the reason behind the delay is very important because it will let you know approximately how long the delay will be. For example, delays caused by fueling won’t be long, but if caused by extreme weather conditions it can last hours or even get your flight canceled.