This could be your first time on a flight or your 57th time. In both cases, you may end up doing some weird things that will get you kicked off a flight. Believe me, it is best to arrive at your destination with your dignity intact.

Acting nice in public places could be very understandable, especially to those who travel way too often, but there were many times when people got kicked off a flight without having any clue why it really happened.

But in fact, the staff had a very specific, justifiable reason for throwing those people off the flight. It is very simple: act like a decent human being and mind your manners, that’s all.

So to avoid this, you can go to the flight and pretend you are traveling with your mother. Or, you can pretend you are sitting in a house of worship instead of a pub during a football game. If you want us to be more specific about the things you shouldn’t do onboard, then here is what will get you kicked off a flight.


Here is one of the things that will get you kicked off before you even get the chance to be on it in the first place.

Showing up late (10 to 15 minutes before departure) is one of the easiest ways to be thrown off a flight. If this happened to you, don’t be surprised. It is already written on the boarding pass that the seats will be given away during that time.


This time, it could be the administrative fault more than it is yours. You could be put in a situation when the flight is overbooked or your seat has already been assigned. If they sold the seat twice, and the plane is already full, then you will have to be off, said James Thompson, a flight attendant for a major commercial airline.


When you hear someone saying that he was being kicked off for no reason, then you have to be aware that it was a big reason and only them who believes that they didn’t do any harm. It is mostly what the passengers say back to the flight attendants that get them thrown off.

For instance, you ask the flight attendant for something, then they respond with something you don’t agree with, and instead of understanding, you curse them or misbehave. Why is it so hard to stay calm and be nice?


There are some things that are not allowed on the plane, including watching inappropriate content or even getting “frisky” in the bathroom. Also, if you tried to be intimate with someone, did something inappropriate to a flight attendant or yourself, you will be kicked off immediately. Don’t even try to expose yourself to others.


Obviously, don’t do it! Threatening to punch someone is equally bad as doing it. You will be spending only a few hours in there, so behave yourself and don’t act crazy. If someone really pissed you off, just remember to breathe and that you don’t want to be shamed and kicked off the plane in front of hundreds of people.


This one doesn’t need any explanation because mentioning or referring to terrorism by any words like “Hijack” or “bomb” will get you out of there in no time. No one there would be taking any chances, and even if you were kidding, no one would truly care. So be careful using those words in there!


You are traveling, which means it is leisure time! You just want to relax and have a blast. However, don’t try to get on the plane already wasted. The airlines never allow an intoxicated passenger on board, anyway.

You still have the whole trip to get drunk and have a good time. Let the plane be a place for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views only.