We wish we could fly as easy as Aladdin used to. He needed no passport to fly up in the sky. All he had in hand is his Arabian turban, his magical carpet, and not-so-friendly yet loyal pal Abu. But this is not very possible now.

Nowadays, you need to go through the TSA after standing for hours in long lines. But before this happens, you have to conclude your flight reservation. Thanks to the available travel booking websites, things are easier than Aladdin’s age.

Online resources equip you with a long list of active vacation packages, flight and hotel deals, and promo flights to pick the offer that levels up the most to your expectations.

Since it is Christmas season, it is the right time to translate your travel bucket list ideas into reality by traveling out of the country to a destination that has always haunted your dreams.

With the assistance of travel booking agents and top travel apps, your travel experience would be smooth but only if you get through the TSA successfully without breaking any rules.