In essence, you cannot be too careful. Hotel rooms are great for people who want to take a rest from a long trip; however, as their nature dictates, they are used by a number of people, which means that you cannot necessarily guarantee cleanliness.

For this reason, you need to make sure that you take an extra hand sanitizer with you and get ready to do some disinfecting work—this is especially important with regards to cheap hotel rooms.

Viruses and malicious bacteria are everywhere, which means that you need to take the extra mile sure that you do not contract a dangerous disease.

When you first enter your hotel room, you need to put your stuff on the bed and take a look around. Your first order of business, in this sense, is to identify all the surfaces that could have something infectious on them.

In this article, we are going to tell you which surfaces you need to pay very close attention to and clean thoroughly. To clean them, you need to always have some sanitizing wipes with you for effective wiping.

More importantly, and for extra security, you need to pack disinfectants with you. We recommend you use a disinfectant spray, which will allow you to cover a large surface area with each spray. Keep reading the article to learn all about the procedure.

1. Light and Lamp Switches

Your first order of business once you are done with hotel room booking is to make a note to your future self of buying some disinfectant wipes.

These become essential as soon as you step foot inside your hotel room. Before you jump on that bed, you need to take a couple and start wiping downlights and lamp switches.

These are items which are used regularly, and it is only rarely that the hotel cleaning staff take the time to wipe them clean and make them ready for you without any germs on them.

2. Doorknobs

The next order of business after you are done wiping downlights and lamp switches involves taking the time to disinfect all those doorknobs that are packed of germs and viruses.

The list includes the exterior handle of your hotel room door—because too many hands have access to it— bathroom doorknobs, and the pulls to your closet door. To get the job done, you can either use the best disinfectant spray that you’ve been convinced to buy or just some regular disinfecting wipes.

3. Bathroom Sink Handles

Once inside your hotel room, you are bound to use the bathroom sink handles—a lot, if we are being honest. Therefore, they must remain free of any malicious microscopic beings that could get you sick.

And because the hotel room cleaning service rarely makes its way to those sink handles, you need to clean them yourself. Make sure that you use the best disinfectant wipes that you have access to at your local department store.

4. Shower Handles

As with your bathroom sink handles, you are bound to make extensive use of your shower—especially in the summer—which means close and repeated contact with your shower handles.

As soon as you enter the hotel room, therefore, and before you decide to hit the shower, you need to take some time to disinfect them thoroughly, making sure that you do not leave any forgotten spot behind. For that end, you need to use, for example, some natural disinfectant wipes—they will do a great job for you!

5. Toilet Lid and Flush Handle

We always remain with the category of handles—the things that we are most likely to touch with our hands repeatedly—but in this instance, we want to remind you of the importance of disinfecting the flush handles and the lid of the toilet itself.

A natural disinfectant spray would do the trick just fine for you; however, we recommend that you use the best disinfecting wipes that you can get because they add another layer of security to you while cleaning this stuff.

6. Remotes

Of course, who doesn’t want to enjoy some quality time watching the TV and forgetting about a long flight? The answer, naturally, is everyone! However, you, as an individual, should not touch the remote control without having disinfecting it at first.

This involved all kinds of remotes that you might come across inside the room. Make certain, therefore, that you give them a nice wipe using some sanitizing wipes. This will ensure that all harmful creatures are dead, meaning that they will not be able to do you any harm.

7. Nightstands

The next thing you need to think of cleaning as soon as you make your way to your hotel room is the nightstand. This is an item that you are bound to use a lot, especially before bedtime.

This means that you will come into close contact with it multiple times, making you susceptible to germs and viruses. We urge you, therefore, to take some baby disinfecting wipes and using them to thoroughly wipe the surface of the nightstand clean. For added security, you can use a special surface disinfectant.

8. Alarm Clocks

The last item in our list that you should never forget about wiping once you arrive in your hotel room is the alarm clock. This the item that you will be hitting with your hand to snooze in the morning, which means that exposure to germs is high.

Be as vigilant in your cleaning, therefore, as you’ve been while trying to find the best time to book a hotel room. And since deep cleaning hotel rooms is not on the agenda of hotel managers, you need to be extra deep and reach for that alarm clock and clean it thoroughly!

These have been the most important places in hotel rooms that need to be disinfected as soon as you make your way into the room! Make sure that you are not as lazy as some people are.

Being that will cost you valuable time spent inside the hospital trying to get well after you have contracted a dangerous illness. So, do not hesitate to take some time to disinfect surfaces and points of contact.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever slept in a hotel room without disinfecting it.