Airplanes are filled with germs, and planes are filled with germs as well, so flight attendants are exposed to a constant danger of getting sick. So, there is no one better to explain how to not get sick on a long-haul flight as well as the flight attendants.

Here is the flight attendant training you need to avoid getting sick before and after your vacation!

1– Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is of the essence to keep good health in our daily lives, but while flying is extra important to drink a lot of water. Water will work as an immune system booster, helping you fight up the germs you will encounter during your time in the sky.

Anyone who knows that water is one of the main ingredients for a healthy lifestyle, so on your travel checklist, along with “flight ticket” and “book a room” do not forget “money for bottled water”.

2 – But Avoid Tap Water, Coffee, Or Tea

There is a reason we said “bottled water” on the first point. Tap water on planes can be quite disgusting because the water on the plane tanks has been sitting there for quite a while now. So, in order to avoid getting sick from the water, buy a bottle.

Caffeinated drinks on planes will be made using that same water, so that is also a big no. If you can’t go without a cup of coffee, we would recommend you get it at the airport.

3 – Use Moist Wipes On Your Hands

Using wet wipes to clean your hands will not only leave your hands feeling fresh and clean, as it will also keep the germs away. There are specific antibacterial hand wipes, but you can also use essential oils, hand sanitizer, and hand cream as ways of preventing germ contamination.

4 – Take An Immune System Support Supplement

There is no scientific proof that Airborne immune system booster is actually effective, but people say they feel the difference and there are a lot of flight attendants that keep a stock with them at all times as a way to prevent getting sick.

The brand offers small packets, ideal for you to take on your carry-on bag, and they even have gummies now.

5 – Disinfect The Plane’s Surfaces

There is a chance airplanes aren’t properly cleaned as they should, so sometimes you need to be the one to do it, and that’s ok as long as it keeps you safe. Always take antibacterial hand wipes with you and use them to wipe down some of the plane surfaces you are going to be in contact with.

6 – Avoid Eating Directly Off Of Tray Tables

Tray tables might be the dirtiest part of the plane since flight attendants claim to have seen people rest their feet on them or even worst, change their babies on them. Even if you bring your antibacterial wipes, it is still not a good idea to eat directly from the tray (not even if you buy travel insurance).

7 – Make Detox Juices

Instead of the typical sugary energy drinks, drink something that is packed with nutrients – you will feel energized and it will help boost your immune system. Find out what is your perfect mix of raw vegetables and fresh fruits and create a special smoothie to drink every time you have a flight ahead of you.

8 – Make An Effort To Relax And De-Stress

You probably find yourself wondering how to distress before or during a plane ride, especially if you are one of those people who gets super nervous before flying. Well, stress makes your immune system go down, so make sure to avoid it by using a couple of drops of lavender essential oils in order to relax.

9 – Avoid Caffeine

Of course, you want to have your typical cup of coffee before boarding your plane, but the truth is there are caffeine associated risks when flying.

Caffeine, just like alcohol, promotes dehydration, and as stated before, being hydrated during your flight is of extreme importance, so maybe replace the coffee with a fruit juice instead.

10 – Eat Fruits And Raw Vegetables

Fruits and raw vegetables aren’t just good for the smoothie we suggested before. They are also the healthiest snack you can carry with you.

Not only do they promote hydration, but they also help by providing you with antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients. Oh, and they help you not feel bloated, so it’s all pros.

11 – Take A Nap

How to sleep comfortably on a plane? Well, avoid caffeine, bring your eye mask or face mask with you, lay back, drop those essential oils, and sleep.

This isn’t always an option for flight attendants, but it is for you, and the truth is that taking a nap during your flight can really help you avoid jet-lag, so you will come to your destination well-rested and can make the best of your vacation.