Spread your wings travel birds and be ready for a new travel experience! What is holding back you anyway?

Yearly, many people get their hands on the best active vacation packages, book their low-cost airline tickets and reserve rooms in the best hotels in the world, but they eventually cancel the whole trip forcefully because of a work emergency. Is not it a pity? It surely is.

That is why you need to confirm your vacations’ schedule and ignore any work emergencies. If you keep on postponing doing the most interesting things in life and embracing cultural experiences through traveling, you are going to be buried one day with your own unfulfilled wishes.

We do understand that flight reservation can be a bit troublesome, but think of the real journey and adventure travel outset! So book your flight now with the help of a local or an online travel booking agent and take off to your destination!

Excited, right? But wait! You need to have a clue about the cleanest hotels in the US to stay in. Stick around to know more!


If you are an America from the west, east, north or south of the States and want to visit other parts of the country, you got to consider everything from your air travel plane tickets or road trips to hotel room booking procedures.

Luckily, hotel search sites and independent hotel booking sites can give you a hand to identify top hotels in the USA and so will the AAA. Some travel booking websites provide information on flight and hotel deals together.

The AAA is a known travel company which provides full service from promo flights’ reservation to vacation planning. This company oversees regular inspections of hotel properties to assess the services offered to guests in the best hotels in the US.

It compiles also a list of housekeeping rankings of hotels to guide travelers in the course of their hotel room reservation. In addition to the evaluation of hotel room service, the AAA inspectors check also the cleanness of hotels. Safety and well-being of the guests should be among the priorities of reputable hotels.

Based on this cleanness-standard assessment, there are about 27,000 AAA-approved hotels in the US. If you are lucky, you may get a room reserved in one of these honored hotels by the AAA. They received the highest scores as far as cleanness standard is concerned.

A few day-stay at such hotels is probably better than a stay in luxury vacation rentals. If you visit AAA official website, you will be able to access the comprehensive version of the AAA’s report about the cleanest hotels in precisely highlighted American States and cities.

Let us start with cities that house the hotels with the best housekeeping scores according to AAA inspectors.


Here is the list of the cities with the best housekeeping-scored hotels:

  1. New York City in New York.
  2. Houston in Texas.
  3. Washington in D.C.
  4. Orlando in Florida.
  5. Charlotte in North Carolina.
  6. Austin in Texas.
  7. Nashville in Tennessee.
  8. San Diego in California.
  9. Anaheim in California.
  10. San Antonio in Texas.

Here is the list of the States with the best housekeeping-scored hotels:

  1. California.
  2. Florida.
  3. Texas.
  4. North Carolina.
  5. New York.
  6. Virginia.
  7. Pennsylvania.
  8. Tennessee.
  9. Maryland.
  10. Massachusetts.

Are you from any of the afore-ranked States or cities? Do you have any visiting or traveling plans to any of them? If you are to take off soon to one of these States or cities, we invite you to explore your destination on your own without requiring the help of private guides.

On top of this, these States include, as said before, the most outstanding hotels with the best hotel room service that you can try on your own.

Just make sure you prepare an emergency medical care plan and purchase a travel insurance policy as a precautionary measure for emergencies. Other than this, enjoy your travel experience and stay !