You need travel to de-stress and recharge your batteries, and that’s how you get bitten by the travel bug! So you’re traveling soon, and you’re so excited that you forget to pack several important items on your list? That’s nothing new; it happened before and will happen again, but you need to at least know which items you should NEVER forget, or you’re set for disappointment. Pack your travel bag, get your travel insurance ready and try your best not to forget any of these items!

Before you go enjoy your travel, enjoy this list of common things you always forget to pack!

1. First aid kit

Accidents happen when you’re in your own home, let alone outside and in a foreign country where you don’t know your way around. Still, I doubt that the first aid kit is on the top of your packing list, am I right?! Always pack a first aid kit first! Put reminders on your phone or hang a note on your wall, do whatever you can to not forget about it! Make sure to include antibiotics, burn creams, hand sanitizer, eye drops, pain killers, medical tape, scissors, bandages, Hydrocortisone cream for bug bites/rashes, etc.

2. Phone chargers

Like earphones, never trust a phone charger while traveling! These just break down when we most need them and out of nowhere! And you know how expensive. Get a spare phone charger with you just in case, and it would be even smarter of you to pack a power bank because you can’t guarantee that you’ll find a place to plug your phone when you’re out and about. Also, don’t forget your USB cable!

3. Laundry bag

Do you want all of your clothes to smell dirty? Of course, you don’t, and that is why you bought (hopefully you did) a laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes from clean ones. Find yourself a good quality mesh laundry bag, and never leave your home without one or two in your checked bag or carry-on bag.

4. Lip balm

Remember your first aid kit? You can add lip balm to it and stop forgetting about it because you will need it. Whether you’re going on a tropical vacation or to a Scandinavian country, your lips will still get chapped. Whatever weather there is, keep your lip balm in your bag and add a few more to your first aid kit!

5. Sunglasses

Like lip balm soothes your lips, sunglasses will soothe your eyes. If you’re heading to a place with snow, you need to protect your eyes from snow blindness. If you’re spending days in Hawaii, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. Either way, get sunglasses with you at all times; you will be surprised by how much you need them!

6. Snacks

Anyone who has ever traveled knows that their stomachs start to churn more! There is just something about traveling that makes us hungry, and the best way to keep hunger away is by taking snacks with us. You know that food can be unnecessarily expensive at airport shops, so put snacks into your carry-on bag and help yourself!

7. Stain remover

Aaah, a stain remover! If you have never thought about buying a stain remover, then it’s your chance now! Your shirt or dress can get easily stained when you’re dining at restaurants or snacking on something at the airport. You don’t have to add your clothes to the pile of laundry you already have stored in your laundry bag when you can just use a stain remover stick to wipe off those stains! Never forget to pack stain removers; they truly come in handy. Those are the things that you always forget to pack but should never forget! Tell us what other things you tend to forget in the comments.