There are countless world countries for which you must book a trip, as they have tourist attractions and breathtaking scenery that you cannot find anywhere else.

However, there are also bad tourist habits that annoy locals that you should avoid. Discover the list of the worst things that tourists do in the next ten countries and avoid them as much as possible on your next trip.

1. Great Britain – Provoking the Royal Guard

Have you ever wanted to take a picture with the British Royal Guards? Or in front of Buckingham Palace? Everyone has done this or wants to do it if they ever visit London streets.

But the truth is that the locals hate that tourists play with the hats of the royal authorities because they believe that tourists are making fun of the authority. Disrespecting royal guards is something that the British detest.

The British are also furious when they are unable to walk on the street sidewalks because tourists are unaware of the space they occupy and are always looking for the best frame for their photos.

2. Philippines – Walking On the Street As If You Were On the Beach

When it comes to the Philippines, it is impossible not to think about those white sandy beaches and that sea of crystal blue water.

However, the Philippines is not just about the beach, and the sea (they have many other extraordinary landscapes and fun activities), and local people do not appreciate that tourists walk on the streets and in the malls as if they were on the beaches.

Locals consider that tourists need to know how to respect other cultures because there needs to be some distance between the bathing area and the more urban area so that residents feel more valued.

3. Australia – Disrespecting Wildlife

Australia is also known for the beauty of its beaches in addition to the wide variety of animals it shelters, such as spiders, faunas, cockroaches, flies, crocodiles, kangaroos, and many other wild animals. And one of the things that most upset the locals is when tourists have bad behavior and don’t respect the diversity of their wildlife.

Several tourist habits annoy locals, such as:

  • Feeding animals with inappropriate food. Tourists fail to inform themselves about the animals’ diet or if the food they give them is good or bad for them.
  • Taking photos of animals with flash. The flash from cameras and smartphones scares animals and leaves them completely frozen.
  • Leaving garbage everywhere you go without worrying about who is living there and what the place will be.
  • Disrupting the habits of wild animals and enjoy the accent and cultural practices of Australians and indigenous people living in Australia.

4. Brazil – Flaunting Wealth and Belittle Local People

One of the things that the Brazilian people do not support is when tourists arrive in their country with the attitude of a Hollywood diva – it is a real lack of respect.

Many of them, and without realizing it, go with expensive clothes, sneakers, watches, designer sunglasses, and many other accessories and jewelry.

This is inappropriate behavior that ends up attracting the attention of unwanted people: of the criminals who make a living from assaulting tourists and of individuals who feel threatened by the ostentation of wealth.

Brazilians are typically humble, friendly, and very welcoming people. In Brazil, you find landscapes and natural riches of extraordinary beauty. However, some tourists think that just because they have money, they can do whatever they want in Brazilians, but it is necessary to know how to show respect.

5. Portugal – Confusing the Portuguese with Spanish

The rivalry between Portugal and Spain is historical and has been going on for several centuries – these two countries even divided the world into two equal parts.

So imagine that you arrive in one of these countries and start treating the locals as if they are the inhabitants of your rival. This is what the Portuguese feel when tourists mistake them for Spaniards.

Educated travelers do not approach the Portuguese on the street as if they were Spanish – they are two very different countries, although both are Latin.

6. Finland – Getting Too Close To People

It is not just the weather that is cold in Finland. People can come off cold too, but not purposefully or for unpleasant reasons. It is their way of life. Finns like their personal space to be respected, and that is why they cultivate social distance.

Therefore, it is natural for a Finn to feel uncomfortable when a tourist doesn´t respect personal space in public transport when there are other places to occupy!

7. Netherlands – Do Not Deviate From Bicycles

The Netherlands is one of the most visited countries in Europe, and this is a great incentive for the local economy. However, local people complain about overtourism in the region. It is increasingly difficult to move around the streets without hitting an Asian or American tourist who keeps taking pictures.

The tourist movement in the streets is so intense that sometimes bicycles (public transport most used by the local population) have difficulties in circulating on the streets because tourists do not deviate. And the locals hate that. Often, tourists end up being run over by the fact that they enter their bike paths.

8. Confusing Northern Ireland with the North of Ireland

Both are part of the United Kingdom, but Northern Ireland is not the north of Ireland. Let this be made very clear because the locals get annoyed when tourists keep confusing those two that are both unique in their own ways.

Northern Ireland is a country of rare beauty, where you can find all kinds of extraordinary attractions, such as the Titanic Museum, among others. And the truth is that people also like to have their breakfast on the balcony without being photographed by Asian tourists – one of the main tourist habits everywhere.

9. Scotland – Complaining About the Food

Naturally, you are more likely to try new and different things when you travel since this is a great way to acquire new experiences, including food. However, if you are planning to visit Scotland, it is not recommended that you order local cuisine dishes that you have never tried before, only don’t complain out loud if it doesn’t appeal to your taste!

Scots don’t like it when people negatively about their roots and their haggis (stewed with sheep’s stomach) since they are local delicacies. They also dislike that the famous Scottish kilt – a kind of ceremonial suit to be worn at weddings and funerals – is disrespected.

10. France – Take Over All Locations As If They Were Yours

Paris is one of the most visited and appreciated places in the world. And there is no shortage of attractions: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Palace of Versailles, among many other monuments that attract thousands of people from all over the world.

However, tourists tend to take French attractions as their own, such as when they close the “Love Bridge” or place a wedding proposal on the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, among other things. Locals see this happening every day, which ends up becoming tiring.

These are the tourist habits that bother local people from around the world. Is your country included in this list? If not, tell us the bad habits of the tourists who visit your region that leave you completely out of your mind.