Being on vacation can be stressful. Before booking flight tickets and a hotel room, and planning an itinerary and activities, there is the need for a lengthy and (for most people) boring research process – how many travel blogs, travel agencies and booking websites one has to consider to secure the best possible deals? Not to mention the trip itself, that can be exhausting and put you in a bad mood.

But after that, you just have to appreciate your vacation and the new experiences it presents.

While relaxing and enjoying yourself after this demanding research operation it is really easy to forget about how hard the hotel staff is working to guarantee that you have a perfect stay, without any issues that may eventually jeopardize its quality and comfort.

So why would you want to upset them with unreasonable demands or foolish questions? Of course, sometimes when you arrive at a hotel after a long and uncomfortable flight (especially if you forgot your flight pillow and other comfort accessories back home or if you had to deal with an unhelpful flight attendant– hey, it happens) you are not at your best and all you want to do is lay down in a bed and rest for a few hours.

But that doesn’t give you a free pass to be unpleasant at the check-in, let alone throughout your stay when you should always be in a good mood and treating people with joy and respect.

To make a wake-up call to all the annoying hotel guests out there, we compiled a list of 9 things you should never ask the hotel staff.