While you are in the US, you might think about stopping by a supermarket like Whole Foods Market, Kroger, or Wegmans Food Markets to grab something to eat to hit the road again.

You may pick whatever foods and products you wish to buy, but the indicated price tag on the shelf is not the real price you have to pay, weird, right? Unlike many countries around the world, the shelf price in the US does not include taxes.

The logical reason that explains this is the fact many countries have as standardized national tax, which is not the case in the US.

If you check the sales tax calculator in the US, you will realize that each State has got its tax; compare California sales tax or Virginia sales tax with Tennessee sales tax. They are different. In fact, there are even states with no sales tax at all.

P.S: cities and counties within the same State can have a different sales tax. On top of this, tobacco and other products have a different sales tax.



Once you conclude your flight reservation, buy few guiding books which might help you throughout your journey in the States. If you go through such books carefully, you will notice that public transportation is not really common in American culture.

If you come from a European country, you will be surprised by the Americans’ habits of driving instead of taking the bus or train. Check Seattle public transportation or Denver public transportation, only small shares of people use public transport.

Given that the US is a vast country, there is a huge interstate highway system that links States to one another. In Europe, you will likely find train lines instead.

Americans buy the best cars for long-distance driving and kick off their road trips. All they need is driving directions to enjoy their adventure travel in a car.