Wondering what are the most romantic nationalities in the world? You are probably a romantic person and looking for new, creative ways to show love to your most significant other. Or maybe you just want to make sure you are picking the right partner who will love you and care for you the right way! Guess what? You are in good hands. Today, I will take you on a romantic trip around the world to discover together the most romantic nationalities and how they express their love and affection. If you think that romance is just a bunch of roses on special occasions, sweet words, or a getaway weekend in a luxurious resort, you are wrong! For some, love and romance is a never-ending journey. It’s a way of life! Interested to find out more? Jump in!

1. Vitnamese

Vietnamese are one of the most romantic nationalities in the world. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. If it happens and you start dating a Vietnamese, be prepared. He will literally shower you with love and will forever try to buy a ticket to your heart! However, keep in mind that the meaning of “amour” in Vietnam is skewed depending on gender. Vietnamese men are very expressive when it comes to their emotions. Once they are in love, they are ready to write you love poems, send you drippy texts, and gift you giant teddy bears. I bet you like that.  Oh, and before I forget, when dating a Vietnamese, expect him to give you lots of romantic motorcycle rides.

2. French

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumor that the French are one of the most romantic nationalities and that the French men are incredibly amazing lovers and romantic partners. So have you ever wondered how true is this? I’m not sure if I can answer you because I have never dated a French man, but according to some recently conducted polls, French men make the best lovers ever! So, girl, you are safe! French men are very affectionate and not shy or proud to show their appreciation. It’s true that they are known to have a temper, but you will still find them irresistibly charming.

3. Indians

Indians are way too expressive when it comes to expressing their love and affection. They would never skip any special occasion where they can express their emotions. For instance, 90% of Indians would show love and affection to their partners on Valentine’s Day. Unlike many other nationalities on this list, Indians express their feelings by doing the simplest of things. For example, feeding each other, displaying affection in public, a romantic text or traditional phone call, and guys would mostly treat their ladies with gold jewelry or jasmine. Indians have a great history in love. They hold the symbol of long-lasting love-Taj Mahal, one of the world’s seven wonders and most famous monument. No wonder why Indians are among the most romantic nationalities.

4. Irish

Irish people proved to do romance better than so many other nationalities in this list. Irish people are never afraid to express their feelings. They are smartly dressed, charming, and great companions too. No wonder they are considered the world’s most charming and romantic nationalities. However, the Irish have their own way of saying ”I love you”. A new local survey showed that two-thirds of Irish people are planning for a takeaway on the couch rather than plan a romantic night out this Valentine. Irish are romantic people, so still, they will be turning up the charm by adding wine and candles to spice up the romantic vibes. So, do you still think that you are a bit lazy when it comes to l’amour? Well, you can see… You are definitely not the only one.

5. Argentinian

Argentinians have lots of passion and romance to offer, which makes them among the most passionate and romantic nationalities in the world. Men, mainly, are more passionate and fiery. And I dare say they have it all: the charisma, the self-confidence, and the capability to wooing the female population more than any other group of men could. Argentinians have their own, unique ways of expressing love and romance. So if you are willing to date an Argentinian, be ready!! He will sweep you off your feet after one single tango dance.

6. Spanish

Spain is the country of snowcapped mountains, sophisticated cities, stone castles, tomato festivals, bullfighters, and endless paellas. This explains why it is one of the most favorite destinations for travelers. What you might not know is that it’s also among the most romantic nationalities in the world. They are very romantic, caring, and loyal when it comes to love. If a Spanish man falls in love with you, you’re guaranteed no other woman involved. You will be the only one till death do you apart.

7. Lebanese

If you are looking for some Arab love, then you should look no further than this nation. Lebanese are the world’s most romantic nationalities for a reason. Being in a relationship with a Lebanese man means being well-loved and too spoiled. The Lebanese man is very generous, and he will be all the time surprising you and gifting you beautiful jewelry, chocolate, and other beautiful things to show how much he cares and loves you. So, if you want a partner who is always ready to splurge you with gifts, you know where to find him. What other romantic nationalities that you know? Share with me your thoughts in the comments! Wait!! You might also find most romantic places in the world interesting! Pick a destination and enjoy some quality time with your romantic partner! See you next time, Xoxo.