Wondering what are the best countries for digital nomads to live in? This could only mean one thing: You have just had that moment when you think, “If I can work from home…. Can’t I work from anywhere else? To give you some peace of mind, Yes- Yes, you definitely can! Let’s admit it 2020 hasn’t been easy! We have spent most of it locked down doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and working from home.

The bright side: We had the chance to reconsider our priorities, goals in life, and even our lifestyle. If you can relate, you will surely want to leave the past behind and start a new beginning where you can live a better life, new experiences, and learn from them. And there is no better way to make this happen but through travel. Here are the best countries for digital nomads like you! You can live your best life while making a living remotely!

1. Thailand

Whether you are willing to go on a long vacation or simply willing to move to another country to live, you really should consider Thailand. The latter is one of the most popular destinations and one of the best countries for digital nomads. In Thailand, it will be much easier for you to find many coworking spaces and coffee shops where you can cowork with other digital nomads like you and even create new friendships and acquaintances with people from all walks of life. Isn’t it amazing? No worries! The wifi hotspots can be found everywhere you go, but keep in mind that the quality depends on where you stay, say in the city or one of the islands. In general, Thailand is very affordable and a great lifetime experience. Besides, just imagine with me how amazing it’s going to be to spend the end of the week on a remote island, enjoy a full body massage, or even take a dip in the clear waters.

2. Vietnam

If you are desperate to live in an exotic place where you can enjoy your digital nomad lifestyle to its fullest, look nowhere else. Vietnam is considered one of the best countries for digital nomads, and that’s, of course, for many good reasons. Vietnam is so affordable, and you can maintain to travel there on a low budget. Again, keep in mind that the quality of internet connectivity depends on your location preferences. For example, if you stay in a big city, the internet will be much better than in a small town or village. Generally speaking, coffee shops and coworking spaces are the best places to be if you want to get the work done fast! Apart from this, The locals are so friendly, the weather is just amazing, and the local street food is, without a doubt, a must-try!

3. Indonesia (Bali)

Wondering where digital nomads live? Yes, Indonesia, but more precisely, Bali. This beautiful city is a heaven on earth and definitely a place you’d love to be. Bali is one of the best countries for digital nomads and a super affordable destination compared to other destinations. Bali is equally offering digital nomads a variety of business coworking spaces and coffee shops where you can have an opportunity to meet other digital nomads or simply focus on your work while sipping a coconut! And that’s not everything! What also makes Bali among the top-rated destinations for digital nomads is the nice warm weather, the water activities, the healthy food, the peaceful lifestyle, and the list is still way too long… And before I forget, do you love devoting some time in your day to yoga and meditation? Bali is the island where magic feels so real, and a yoga session takes you to another world where is no room for stress or worry. I know you feel like packing, booking your flight ticket, and head straight to The Island of the Gods.

4. Portugal

Yes, Portugal is highly ranked as one of the best countries for digital nomads. This country has it all and if you want to make your experience unforgettable, make sure you stay in Lisbon. Of course, you can always move to other cities and have more adventures, but just don’t miss Lisbon! This city is Europe’s most popular spot for digital nomads. So if you ever decide to start with Lisbon, forget about internet issues! You have a fast internet connection, great food, beaches, modern infrastructure, and a lot more! Besides, you will never get bored. You can enjoy many activities from golf, wine tasting, heritage tours to gastronomy, beaches, and the amazing weather. Above all, it’s cheap, and you won’t have to break the bank to experience all this!

5. Hungary

Hungary is not only one of the best countries for digital nomads, but also one of the most beautiful and affordable countries with good living conditions and great infrastructure. Wait!! Still lost and don’t know where to settle in Hungary, let me be your travel advisor When in Hungary, I recommend Budapest. This city is known for being home to a large expat community. Thus, the best place to meet digital nomads like you with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. And if you want to enlarge your social circle, make sure you get out of the house and work from coffee shops or coworking spaces instead. Apart from this, always put on your trainers and a comfy outfit so that you can walk around and discover the beautiful city, the breathtaking architecture, and the great history.

6. Colombia

How about Colombia? Have you ever considered living there even for a short period of time? Maybe yes and maybe no, but if you are rethinking the office work style and want to work remotely from another country, Colombia should be definitely on your list. No worries! It is among the best countries for digital nomads, and the city of Medellin is one of the newest hot spots for digital nomads. So, yes, you will be making lots of new connections.

Medellin is also home to many entrepreneurs and startups. Who knows, you might like it this much and end up starting your own business too! You might think that Medellin’s city is one of the deadliest cities in the world, but this was about 15 years ago. The city has undergone a huge transformation, and today it’s a lot safer and even considered one of the most modern cities of all Columbia. So where are you planning to go? Do you know any other best countries for digital nomads? Please share with us in the comments below! See you NEXT time