It is vacation time!! We can’t wait to pack all of our colorful, beachy outfits and head to the Caribbean. We know it is going to be one of the greatest vacations because we will be surrounded by turquoise water, golden sand, interesting culture, and beautiful people.

Obviously, we are not going to spend the entire time going from our hotel room to the beach to the buffet and that’s it. Vacations like these were meant to teach us how to get out of our comfort zones, explore the town, enjoy their street food, and talk to someone new.

But during this process, some people tend to make a few mistakes that could make them disliked by the locals… You truly don’t want to be seen as the disrespectful, obnoxious, and sunburn tourist by others and yourself!

However, those mistakes are mainly concerning your safety, health, and sanity. So don’t try to make any of them when you are spending some quality time in the beautiful Caribbean!