Long haul-flights suck, I know. They are literally a pain in the a***s, especially if you are flying economy class. However, there are many useful tips and tricks that will help you survive those long haul flights and make them more fun and enjoyable. Ok, in some cases, just a little bit less painful.

So whether you are looking for a way to kill time on long haul flights, or just keep your sanity, get the right airplane seat, or even just find ways to improve your mood while on board, I will have a tip for you! I’m here to share with you 5 amazing tips that will help you avoid the hassles along the way.

Traveling for pleasure or just for business, in both cases, you should never skip the part of planning for your trip. Here are 5 amazing tips to make your long haul flights bearable!

1. Long haul flights’ tip number 1: Booze

Long-haul flights are awful, especially if you take a long, non-stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco. What’s even worse is being squished into a small airplane chair with no room to stretch. OMG, I can’t even imagine!

The good news? There is always a way out. Booze!! Luckily the TSA allows fliers to carry their tiny, and I insist on the word tiny, bottles of liquor. And here, I mean tiny bottles that are less than 3 oz. However, keep in mind that it’s up to the airline to decide whether you’re allowed to drink them or not. International long haul flights are definitely your best bet for ordering and enjoying drinks. Some Airlines can even offer free drinks to their fliers!

2. Long haul flights’ tip number 2: Wear comfortable clothes

Flying for a long distance is a no joke! It’s about sitting in the same position for hours. Savvy fliers know well that having a comfortable, stress-free flight and a positive travel experience requires a combination of factors. Ultimately, comfort is one of the most important for a comfortable flying experience. So you must pick the right outfit before you get onboard.

So what to wear when flying long-distance? Simple, always opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics, clothes that you can easily take off or put on when needed, and totally avoid wearing clothes that can make your airport stride slower or even make you twitch so uncomfortably in your airplane seat.

3. Long haul flights’ tip number 3: Reserve a comfortable seat

This is one of the most important factors that will make your long haul flights peaceful and comfortable. Hence, choosing the perfect airline seat is, therefore, a must if you want to have a peaceful and comfortable flying experience.

So how can you pick the perfect airline seat? Easy peasy! Here are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Opt for exit row if you want more room to stretch your legs. wink;)
    • Want some peace and quiet? Avoid the front of the plane as it’s mostly where you find special provisions for babies.
    • Opt for an aisle seat if you are the kind of person who likes to move about the plane.

4. Long haul flights’ tip number 4: stay hydrated!

Aircraft cabinets are often very dry, and when you are sitting on a plane for extended hours, you have no option but to breathe in the dry air around you. And if you don’t drink plenty of water, scary things will happen to your body.

Apart from feeling dehydrated, you will start noticing other dehydration signs such as a dry nose, itchy skin, low pressure, and a lot more!

The solution? Drink lots of water and avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol. Also, make sure to bring a small moisturizer to hydrate your skin and eye drops in case you are prone to dry eyes.

5. Long haul flights’ tip number 5: Sleep!

Yes! The best way to survive long haul flights is to relax and get some quality sleep. Of course, you won’t be feeling as comfortable as in your own bed, but at least, you will make a long flight fly by. Flight attendants often pass blankets to flight passengers, take advantage of this service and make your long haul flight easier. To make sleeping less of a neckache, make sure you bring some long haul flight essentials, such as a neck pillow, maybe a good sleep mask, and soft, anti-noise earplugs.

By flowing these simple yet extremely useful long haul flights’ tips and tricks, you can easily transform your painful long journey into a comfortable and peaceful one!

Bon Voyage!