When summer is about to end and the beautiful colors of fall are knocking our doors again, some people find it the most perfect and charming time to go on a vacation. And what’s a better destination for fall vacations than tropical islands?

During this time, you will find cheap plane tickets and great deals on hotels easily, and that’s because it is the hurricane season, which runs from June to November, and becomes stronger from August to October.

The majority of travelers plays it safe and prefer to head into other destinations to avoid any danger, but do you know what smart travelers do?

They go to the secret islands where hurricanes don’t really hit that hard. According to experts, there is no such thing as a hurricane belt and no island is completely immune to them, but we can’t deny that the northeastern Caribbean islands are the ones to have it worse than any other area.

In any case, if you want to have a Caribbean vacation and enjoy the cheap hotels and airfares, then you have to check these “safer” island escapes we gathered for you.