You might agree as you might disagree, but Paulo Coelho says that ‘travel is never a matter of money but of courage’. This cannot be said to be 100% true, for sometimes you might have the courage, yet you might have no money to fund your travel experience (this could be reversed as well).

An avid traveler must be both courageous and, say, with good cash in hand. You cannot travel for free unless you get a real golden fish. Money is indeed needed to fund your entire air travel journey.

You do not have to be wealthy though; cheap plane tickets are available given that flight and hotel deals get announced on travel booking websites throughout the year. This is the fishing trick of travelers on budget of course.

Some others are wealthy enough to skip low-cost airline tickets and book instead active vacation packages with the help of the richest and best travel tour companies. So here comes a compiled list of the best travel companies internationally.