New York, the city of dreams and wishes, is not it? Of course, it does have its flaws, yet it still is the city with the indescribable magic. Some people prefer traveling out of the country instead of exploring the rest of their home country.

It is good to keep an international travel checklist for the coming up holiday season, but you can have plans for a road trip or an air travel journey to NEW YORK.

This city cannot be said to be one of the 100% safest travel destinations, still, it is safe and good enough to convince you to fly to it. Finding the cheapest flights to New York is slightly troublesome even with the help of the best travel booking agent.

But never lose hope; you might get unexpectedly your hands on low-cost airline tickets at any moment. But before jumping to hotel and flight reservation, you got to ask yourself whether you are a New York person or not?

Are you coming from a small, quiet town, and you are about to break into a different planet? Is a travel experience to NYC really good for you? Well, let us find out together!