Over 1.4 billion people around the world travel every year, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). And guess what? Each of these people has something to say about the travel mistakes you should avoid!

Surely, you must have heard or read that there are certain outfits (many, actually) that travelers shouldn’t wear on a plane and probably thought: “then should I wear a newspaper if I can’t wear most of my favorite clothes onboard?!”

But, really, there are solid reasons, justified by experienced travelers and doctors, as to why some clothes shouldn’t be worn on a plane, so people aren’t just being picky on the internet!

The rules are as follows: One: Don’t wear jeans. Two: Don’t wear boots with straps. Three: Don’t wear perfume! Etc.

 1. Skinny jeans

If you interview experienced travelers about what they think of wearing skinny jeans on a plane, they’ll either give you a blank look and walk away or smile sagely and tell you this:

Due to the low air pressure, and therefore lower oxygen levels in the plane cabin, wearing tight clothes like skinny jeans is a bad idea. Why?

Because skinny jeans or any tight pieces of clothing restrict your blood flow and increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that usually develops in legs, especially during long-haul flights.

That is why doctors recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes made of cotton for your utmost comfort and well-being.

If you’re pregnant, wear baggy trousers with drawstrings or an elastic waistband, in addition to compression socks which reduce the risk of poor blood circulation and swelling, unlike regular socks or stockings that are too tight.

2. Overalls, jumpsuits

Can you guess why wearing these comfy clothes will actually make you uncomfortable? Maybe you’ll find out why when it’s time to make a trip to the restroom!

If you want jumpsuits and overalls, especially the ones with long sleeves, you may have to undress entirely to use the toilet. And then there is the nightmare of accidentally dropping your overall straps in the toilet hole.

You may say: “Ha! I’ll use the bathroom before getting to the airport or flying.”

We hate to break it to you, but you should stay hydrated onboard, meaning it’s recommended that you drink about 2 liters of water for every hour you’re on a flight which means that you’ll have to visit the toilet a couple of times and you’ll dread it every time!

Avoid wearing jumpsuits and overalls on a plane for your own peace of mind.

3. Complicated footwear

Boots with multiple straps or buckles, shoes, sandals, and sneakers with intricate laces—these will be your nightmare.

You will have to take off those shoes at the airport’s security checkpoint and your hands will get entangled in shoelaces or straps, wasting your and other passengers’ time and embarrassing you in the process.

Complicated shoes are energy and time-consuming, so avoid them at all costs!

Also, if you wear sandals to the airport or onboard, your feet will pick up all the dirt on the floor. And then there is, of course, the possibility that of swollen feet during a flight.

4. High heels

Why would you do that?!

High heels won’t just make you uncomfortable as you move around the airport but also slow you down in case of an emergency or when you’re evacuating the airplane.

Sore feet and blisters are also inevitable with high heels, getting especially painful when you’re carrying or pulling heavy luggage.

Plus, if you’re a pregnant woman, wearing high heels is inadvisable. Wearing high heels to the airport when pregnant? Absolutely catastrophic! What with foot and back pain, and the likelihood of falls.

5. Perfumes

Yes, friends, these aren’t clothes. But it’s worth mentioning that it would be quite brutal of you to wear perfumes on a plane!

As much as you want to smell good when flying, please resist putting on perfume or testing every eau de cologne your hands can reach in duty-free shops, beacuse not only would a strong perfume sicken you and other passengers near you but might also cause an asthma attack to an asthmatic cabin-mate.

6. Jewelry

First-time travelers, beware! Jewelry will hold you up at the security checkpoint, much like complicated shoes.

People seem to forget that there is a long line behind them at the checkpoint and that larger and heavier accessories may set off the security detector, or metal scanner, and then waste everyone’s time!

Small earrings or bracelets are ok to wear since they’re easier to remove and won’t cause any alarm to go off.

Put your bulky metal accessories in your carry-on bag or check them with your luggage.

7. Bonus

Remember this: Instead of jewelry, wear a warm scarf because you never know when it could get cold.

Instead of high heels and complicated shoes, wear comfy, breathable sneakers.

Instead of wearing skinny jeans and jumpsuits, wear trousers that’ll allow your legs to breathe while also protecting them, like harem trousers. Those are some of the most comfortable clothes to wear on a plane.

Instead of putting on perfume, which actually uplifts your mood, wash your hands properly with soap and water since planes tend to be full of germs and protect your health!

There you have it; your mini-guide to a comfortable flight. So are you still going to wear your dressy jumpsuit on your next flight?