We know that you are excited to get to your destination and enjoy your stay in luxury vacation rentals, but there are few things to take care of before taking off: your luggage. Things like your jewelry should never be packed in your checked bag.

We surely know how attached you can be to your real silver jewelry or sears diamond rings, so that is why you should keep them close to you in your purse or leave them at home.

Your carry-on bag is the right place where to put them in as your checked bag may get lost. Your travel booking agent may provide you with extra info in this regard.


Finding special flight deals should not be your sole concern. Remember that you are going to a foreign country that you only know a little about. That is why you need to be cautious when it comes to keeping your pass, ID, boarding pass and other essential docs safe.

In fact, you may need them at any moment while you are at the airport. Buy a flight wallet where you can place your boarding pass card or boarding pass paper, insurance papers and any other sensitive docs.

Your flight wallet should not be placed at any rate in your checked bag. It is preferable to take it with you aboard in your carry-on bag. On top of this, always, keep copies with you wherever you go.