Do you feel the excitement filling your heart and mind each time you read Gulliver’s Travels? The story may be a fantasy, yet it invites you to explore the worlds that exist beyond your comfort zone.

Historically speaking, women in Europe and many other parts of the world were not allowed to travel for safety reasons. Many of them embraced the challenge and set about their wildest journeys.

Some of them have even contributed to their travel accounts to widening the scope of travel literature. Back then, the means of transportation were less safe than they are now.

Now, special flight deals are available on the best online travel booking sites. All you have to do is picking the right adventure trips for women. Kicking off a new travel experience, especially if you are a woman, is a huge burden.

This burden is not embodied in having difficulties in finding cheap air deals or international flight offers. The problem is mainly safety in a foreign country.



It is nice to get your hands on discount business class flights. But such flights arrive mostly late at your destination. For solo female travelers, having their flights landed late in a destination which they know nothing about is pretty risky.

You can’t spend the whole night in empty and scary streets, especially in a place you have never been to. You can be robbed, kidnapped or hurt in any other way. It is better to pick a flight which would arrive in the daylight.

This would allow you to search for a room on independent hotel booking sites. You can even cancel the reservation if the hotel did not turn out to be as expected.



Ladies! Dressing inappropriately in a foreign country may get you in real trouble with the authorities; especially if they are conservatives. On top of this, wearing revealing clothes may put your safety in great danger.

Harassment and rape are one of the main dangers you may be exposed to. The safest way of clothing is opting for conservative outfits.

It is also significant to have a clue about the dress code in your destination to tell which outfits are not appropriate and which ones are the most suitable.

This is a way of expressing your respect toward other cultures and preserving yourself from harm. Plus, through imitating the locals’ outfit, you will draw less attention to yourself.



When you leave your comfort zone, you should pay extra heed to every detail regarding your trip. Accidents and incidents can happen anytime during your journey. You may be robbed or lose your credit card.

Few backpackers world travel professionals recommend keeping your things in a personal travel safe which should be kept secured. Still, robbers will find their way to your valuables anyway.

But there is one thing they don’t suspect which is your vitamin pill bottle, especially the ones you can’t see through. This is could be your money safe after rolling few bucks in and few other loose pills which thefts would not even suspect.

Even if you put the bottle in your pocket or leave it in your hotel room, no one would even think that a fortune is kept inside a tiny vitamin bottle.

As for you pass, always scan it along with other essential documents, then email them to another account of yours. These are backup procedures in case you get lost or had any of your things stolen.



Bear in mind this piece of advice: never ever trust anybody but yourself. Sometimes, you may feel completely safe and secure with someone, but you will suddenly see his or her true, evil face later when it is already too late.

Women, for instance, are likely to feel safer with other women. The kind of fear that may be triggered in the presence of a strange man or woman is reduced when women are with each other.

However, the danger may hunt you down in the safest spots ever. In fact, some women can be as dangerous as men. With this in mind, try to draw red lines for everything even in a new friendship that you make during your journey.

Isolating yourself from the others will do you no good, but don’t be too open to a total stranger that you have just met on the road.



There are two things that you should never tell people: your address and passwords. Being in a foreign country involves complete or partial lack of knowledge on the way locals think.

The criminal minds of psycho-pathetic people change massively from one part of the world to another. The common point is that they are psychopaths, but their criminal thoughts are influenced by the surrounding environment.

Since you have no clue about this, never give any stranger any information about where you are staying. Even when you inquire about a given address, try to be as neutral as possible.

If you are given a form to fill in, make sure no sneaky eyes are taking a look at the address. Furthermore, don’t declare under any circumstance that you are staying solely. If you revealed such information, you will be more like a golden fish for criminals, robbers, and thieves.



Some travelers prefer walking and wandering around solely instead of taking a cab. However, if you suffer from any disease upon which the doctor prevents you from walking for long distances, taking a cab may become obligatory.

Not everyone everywhere respects the law, which is why you should be very cautious when taking cabs. Unlicensed cabs are a trendy way to kidnap and kill people in several parts of the world.

Logically, a cab should be licensed to ensure the security and safety of the passengers. It is uncomfortable to board a car with a complete stranger without a safety card. The safety card is the license that cabs are supposed to have.

Unlicensed cabs are usually cheaper than licensed ones. This is how they tempt their potential victims. The safest way to get a cab is by asking your hotel’s concierge to recommend a reputable agency which can provide its transportation services.



What do you think would happen to you if you walk out at night, wearing one of those sears diamond rings? Keep your fancy jewelry in your bag and don’t even think about wearing any of them.

You can enjoy your trip with less trouble if you stop behaving like a tourist or showing off your expensive pieces of jewelry.

Even if you are invited to a local wedding or celebration, keep your outfit as simple as possible to avoid being robbed on your way back. People get even killed by robbers for resisting the latter.

Just avoid acting like a wealthy target for there are cases where you will not just lose your real silver jewelry, but also your life.



As you were a kid, the first thing that your mother always refers to is never to answer the door no matter what. Perhaps it is time to go back and stick to the same rule when you travel.

Being in a hotel room does not mean that you are 100% safe from danger. Several people were suffocated, slaughtered and pushed off their rooms’ windows after they answered their hotel doors.

The first thing you should do when hearing a knock on your door is looking through the peephole. Many murders would claim they are room service, hotel maintenance or housekeeping, so don’t even open your door if you suspect anything.

Before going to bed, make sure your hotel door opener is secured. In luxurious hotels with hotel card door entry systems, a door opener may not be an available option; but you can use a chair instead.

Plus, keep your hotel door card off sight. At all rights, report any knocks on your door to the reception.



Since you got your own cash, you can get your own food and drink. Imagine yourself on a train somewhere, heading to your next destination. You could share a cabin with two lovely girls or boys who seem to be quite talkative.

Because of their suspicious chatty character, they may get easily the answers they need to make the next move. Suddenly, one of them could offer you a tasty sandwich and a cold drink.

After your long journey, it is normal to feel hungry and thirsty. However, it is better to turn down their offer rather than ending up drugged and robbed. Of course, this does not apply to all people. You could meet sincere and kind-hearted people whom you can trust.



Don’t ever let fear stand in your way. Be always ready for new experiences and seize all the opportunities that you come across. It is normal to feel a bit afraid after reading all the above-mentioned details.

However, you should learn your lesson by knowing about other’s mistakes and experiences. We don’t mean to scare you nor to discourage you.

On the contrary, if you know what you should avoid exactly, you will end up having an unforgettable journey to mark your overall traveling experience. Don’t be afraid of intermingling with locals and enjoying your time.

It is just that you have to take into account standard precautions in case something unexpected happens.

You are invited to investigate a bit about your destination, but don’t believe everything written; go discover and see things as they are with your own eyes. Whatever people write on a given country is a reflection of their own personal opinions.

Are you ready to take off? Have you chosen your destination? Well, you’d better hurry because flight deals can disappear in a snap of a finger easily during vacation season.