Saying these secret islands are not on maps is probably a stretch, but we can almost bet that there are many islands on this list that you never heard of. It’s going to be hard to pick the best island to visit, so you might as well start saving up and visit them one by one.

1. Holbox Island, Mexico

Secret island number one is three hours away from the well-known Mexican destination of Cancún. Away from the crowds, this secluded slice of heaven is the perfect place for you to enjoy the sand under your toes and forget the world out there. When booking, try searching for CasaSandra Boutique Hotel. The cute casitas with palapa roofs are an absolute delight, and you will feast on the best seafood of your life!

2. Desroches Island, Seychelles

To get to this island, you will have to get on a plane and enjoy a 40-minute journey from the capital of Seychelles, Mahé, to the Desroches Island. And the only thing you will find there is… a secret resort. Away from the fuss of everyday life, you will enjoy the tranquility of the white sand beaches while staying in a luxurious villa. Swim in your own private pool, go for a dip in the blue ocean waters, and feel the tropical vibes. A vacation on such a secluded island is truly a unique experience.

3. Côn So’n, Vietnam

If you are looking into a list of secret islands to visit because you want to explore untouched nature, you should pick Côn So’n. Vietnam has an archipelago made out of 16 islands, and even though Côn So’n is the biggest one, it seems to go unnoticed by visitors. It’s just an hour away from Ho Chi Minh City, and it’s such a dreamy place. The sparkling waters are of deep turquoise blue, and the granite cliffs provide an exquisite natural contrast. And even though there are no bars or shops, you can still enjoy every modern-day commodity at the private island resort Six Senses. From personalized guided tours to a Zen spa experience, you will have plenty of things to keep you busy.

4. Skopelos, Greece

The Ionian and Aegean seas are home to 227 islands that belong to Greece. And while Mykonos and Santorini are very well-known travel destinations, some islands have managed to remain hidden all these years. One of them is Skopelos. You can get there by taking a ferry from Skiathos. When booking your stay, we recommend a private villa at the Aegean at Adrina Resort & Spa. The vibe is absolutely romantic, and you will certainly enjoy the best of Mediterranean food to the sound of rebetika music.

5. Scrub Island, BVI

The name is not very compelling, we can see that, but this is one of those cases when you can’t judge a book by its cover. A couple of years ago, this island was deserted, but then the luxurious Scrub Island Resort opened its doors, and everything changed. Here you can enjoy a lavish tropical escape and get into a deep relaxation state at their award-winning spa. The private beaches are an absolute delight, and we promise that you will never want to come back home.

6. Culebra, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico still has a lot left to explore, and the exotic island of Culebra is one of those places. Vieques is usually the preferred destination for everyone who schedules a vacation to Puerto Rico. Still, Culebra is really something else. 10 beaches that remain untouched by men, vivacious wildlife, and a picturesque central town that will make you fall in love. Book a hotel room at the Club Seabourne, close to the stunning Playa Flamenco. There you will be able to engage in all sorts of tropical adventures such as diving and snorkeling. While wandering around the island, don’t forget to try the delicious Puerto Rican street food.

7. Jicaro Island, Nicaragua

If your ideal vacation is to go far, far away, and basically disappear, Jicaro Island is the place for you. It’s hard to get WiFi on this island, and you will hardly find a TV. Yes, this is like going back to a simpler time, where you can live your best life without all the everyday pressures of modern life. However, you will be anything but bored. You can wander around the island and discover its amazing and diverse wildlife – from sea turtles to monkeys, and even more than 80 different bird species. If you are in the mood for a heart-racing adventure, try zip-lining through the canopy, 100 feet above the ground! And suppose you want to loosen up and unwind. In that case, you can always stay at the Jicaro Island Ecolodge, where you can try a yoga class or experience one of their sustainability tours.

8. Desert Islands, UAE

If you are desperate for an island escape that feels different than everything you have ever experienced, try heading out to the Desert Islands in the United Arab Emirates. Stay at one of the many all-inclusive resorts, like Sir Bani Yas or the Anantara, and take your time to explore your surroundings. You will be amazed by the colorful reef, the pretty flamingos roaming around, and the peaceful crystalline waters. However, you should avoid going to the Desert Islands during the Summer, since temperatures can reach an unbearable 130 degrees.

9. Lummi Island, Washington

Get your travel insurance ready and pack your bags. You don’t need to leave the country to enjoy a relaxed island vacation, and Lummi Island is the proof. Stay at Willows; a picturesque hotel made up of eight adorable cottages and seven cozy suites. Enjoy a delicious meal at their award-winning restaurant and taste the delightful flavors brought to you by chef Blaine Wetzel, with ingredients sourced directly from the island.