1. Free Wi-Fi

It is not surprising that airports have an area where they offer travelers a free Wi-Fi network. Nowadays, almost all public spaces provide a free internet connection and it is definitely one of the best ways to keep people entertained.

Find yourself a comfortable seat, grab your laptop, plug in your headphones and enjoy a movie or two episodes of your favorite TV show while waiting for your flight. You can also get some work done, send emails, or plan in detail the trip you are about to take.

2. Airport library

A few airports such as the Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Tallin airports have created libraries to lend books to passengers during their time at the airport in an attempt to encourage reading.

In 2011, Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport partnered with Broward County Libraries Division to create an innovative program: passengers are given access to an e-library with a collection of more than 15 thousand books for free – they just have to pick up their smartphones or tablets and check a QR code.

If the airport doesn’t have a library, you can go to an airport bookstore and enjoy a quick reading session. Grab a small book or a magazine, find a seat, and read it. We recommend that you choose a poetry book and read some poems randomly.