We bet you didn’t expect that a ride at Disney World would be at the top of our list of most dangerous amusement park rides. The EPCOT’s Mission: space was a subject of too many unfortunate events. You may be wondering how bad a Disney ride can get.

Well, between the summer of 2005 and 2006 the company had to take care of almost 200 people who got harmed by the ride. There are people who fainted, had chest pain or heartbeats issues. There are even people who passed away due to brain hemorrhage and heart failure.

So, imagine that you purchase amusement park rides tickets to end up losing your life. The ride itself is blameless, but it triggers preexisting conditions.



If you are planning to contact online travel companies, book flight tickets, and go for family adventure travel to The Suspended Catch Air Device (SCAD) Tower sidesteps, then please don’t. These rides are a safety disaster by having no safety measures whatsoever.

Their concept is simple: pulling people to higher altitudes and then drop them in a free fall to a safety net below. This has unfortunately caused many incidents such as multiple fractures, paralysis, and even brain injuries.

Sometimes, they don’t calculate the right height of the net or they misplace people and have them miss the net entirely; fortunately, nobody has ever died on the ride.