If you suffer from a tendency to self-sabotage, this a list for you to avoid pretty common travel mistakes. Your spontaneous actions inside a plane can ruin your whole vacation since they can break airline rules. So here is a list of vacation mistakes that you can avoid in order to turn them into healthy tips for flying.

1. Sitting for the whole time

This is one of the health risks of flying – long trips will mean that you will be sited for a long time, and stretching is important for your back and for your muscles.

Also, sitting for long periods of time can lead to thrombosis, which will be a lot more serious than back pain or muscle pain in general.

For the duration of your flight, try to move your legs as much as possible – this will not only be a plus on how to survive a long-haul flight as it will also prevent possible damage. For your comfort, maybe take a SkyRest pillow with you.

2. Being drunk

Do not embark on the plane while you are still drunk or, in other words, don’t get drunk if you know you will have to fly. This may be a recipe for disaster because you will not be yourself and you might become problematic.

It will also make it extra difficult to fall asleep on the flight, and flying and drinking may also make you vulnerable to dehydration.

3. Space Out

Flights can be boring and you will try to find ways to pass the time. But remember that you are on your way to what’s possibly going to be an enriching and busy journey, so find time during your flight to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

There are many answers to the question “how does travel enrich your life”, but how does THE travel enrich your life? Forget about movie marathons, try to work out on your muscles so that you don’t feel stuck by the time you land or to catch up on your sleep so that you’ll arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready to start enjoying yourself.

You can also use that time to start planning your next days or finding activities.

4. Falling victim to dehydration

Yes, we know, buying things inside a plane is expensive, but please don’t deny yourself that an overpriced bottle of water because dehydration can be a kick-starter to what will ruin your vacation.

Dehydration is common among the vast list of jet lag causes, and this will make you more prone to fatigue or sleeping issues, and you will also feel more irritated and may be nauseated. Make sure to drink lots of liquids before boarding and then make an effort to stay hydrated.

5. Not eating well

At the airport is very likely that you will only find plastic food to eat and this doesn’t happen by chance, they try to attract the tired travelers that are craving only comfort food.

Well, don’t fall for it – trash food will lead to dehydration and you will suffer from jet bloating, as well as digestive problems that can last for days after landing.

So, what to take before flying? Healthy food. This way you won’t feel tempted, you will eat healthily and you will avoid all the troubles that come from eating food that is bad for you.

6. Sitting side by side with someone who is sick

Of course, you can pick your seat, but if you are traveling alone you don’t know who will be traveling next to you and you have the chance of having a sit partner that is just battling a cold.

If there are other available sits on the plane, try asking a flight attendant for help. This is one of the many ways of avoiding germs on airplanes and it will spare you the trouble of getting sick during your vacation.

7. Pulling an all nightery

This is a tip that should be part of every list on what to know about traveling– do not stay up all night because this will worsen the jet lag feeling. You will get way more tired and therefore way more prone to catch some illness.

Try to regulate your sleep to the time zone of the place you are flying to – this way it will make the transition easier and it will take less time for you to start enjoying yourself.

8. Going around touching germy places

Basic math – planes take lots of people and lots of people equal lots of germs. Some places will have more germs than others though, like the handles on bathroom doors or the armrests.

They are disinfected, but they might not be as disinfected as they should, so try to take some flight wipes with you, just in case. The blankets you share, as well as the pillows, are also filled with germs. Some companies have disposable airplane seat covers, but this is not very ecologic.

If you are usually prone to catch germ related diseases or if you are just a general germophobic, take some airplane disinfectant spray and clean as many surfaces as you can if you need to get in contact with them.