Regardless of the type of trip and whether you are traveling solo or accompanied, there are countless places to travel in the US that are breathtaking and will keep you full of desire to book your next vacation now.

What are the best places to see in the US? That’s what we’re going to show you; eight great places to travel to within the United States of America (USA). These are extraordinary places that will remind you why the USA is one of the best -if not the best – and most beautiful countries in the world.

1. Grand Canyon – The Most Popular Gorge in the World

The Grand Canyon is the best-known gorge in the world and one of the best places to visit in the US for several different reasons: for the magnificent views it provides, the geological richness that the layered red rock formations represent, the radical activities that can be performed there, such as rafting on the Colorado River and cycling and hiking on the trails of Bright Angel and North Kaibab, among many other points of tourist interest.

The Grand Canyon is managed by the Grand Canyon National Park, attracts thousands of national and international tourists every year, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is, without a doubt, an exceptional place for those who want to forget the chores of the day-to-day and be closer to Nature.

2. Glacier National Park – Paradise for All Hikers

Glacier National Park is located in Montana, in the USA, along the border with the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. In this national park, you can find a little of everything:

  • More than 700 lakes of rare beauty
  • Countless extraordinary waterfalls
  • Two majestic mountain ranges
  • Thousands of wild animals in their natural habitat (bears, deer, elk, and more)
    It is one of the best travel destinations for hikers since they can make several trails inside the park. Besides, it also allows you to dedicate yourself to hunting and fishing in the summer and skiing in the coldest and snowiest months of the year.

3. New York – Who Can Resist the Charms of the Big Apple?

New York City needs no introduction, as it is the most populous and well-known city in the USA. In fact, it is one of the most populous and metropolitan tourist areas in the world, and the proof is the number of tourists who visit the city throughout the year (around 50 million visitors per year). The Big Apple, as it is commonly known, has several tourist attractions that will occupy your time, like the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street, among many other historic buildings and skyscrapers out of sight. You wouldn’t be able to see all that New York City has to offer you even if you had a month’s vacation, which is why this is considered one of the US’s best travel destinations.

4. San Francisco – The Multicultural City for All Free-Spirited People

San Francisco is located in California and is one of the most popular travel destinations for all tourists coming from abroad and other American cities. There are several reasons for this, like colorful and vibrant neighborhoods, charming views, and top cultural offerings. That is why the city attracts all free-spirited people and convinces them to stay for a long time because, there, people feel at ease and encouraged to demonstrate everything they are and what they do without free and destructive criticism.

5. New Orleans – A City Full Of Charm and Personality

Like San Francisco, the city of New Orleans has a very solid and strong personality. As it is also known, Big Easy is characterized and influenced by the culture of several different countries (from the most extroverted countries in the Caribbean to the most conservative European countries), which makes it a great place to travel in the USA. In this place, you will find the origins of the most varied musical styles, such as jazz, blues, rock n ‘roll, and countless attractions and tourist activities that win all visitors’ attention and hearts. Have you heard of Mardi Gras? It is an unmissable party in New Orleans that resembles the Carnival of Brazil and makes all revelers go out on the street. Who wouldn’t want to participate?

6. Zion National Park – For Those Who Want To Be In Contact With Nature

Zion National Park is a protected area over 100 years old located in the state of Utah, USA. In this place, you can perform numerous outdoor activities that will bring you immensely closer to Mother Nature, such as climbing, cycling, cannoning, and various types of walks along the most incredible trails in the park. The Pa’rus and Narrows trails are the most exciting, as they challenge hikers to cross the narrowest and most dangerous section of Canyon Zion.

7. San Diego – For Those Looking For the Excitement of the Beach and the Calm of Nature

The city of San Diego is located in California and is one of the destinations of choice for those looking for a unique vacation trip. This location offers you the possibility to benefit from the best of both worlds: the bustle of a hot climate bathing area where you know well-being and the tranquility of a unique and flashy place that allows you to be in direct contact with Nature. In general, you can bathe on the best Californian beaches and take exceptional therapeutic walks in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. This without forgetting to visit the famous Balboa Park, which is full of cultural offerings, and the extraordinary San Diego Zoo that allows you to observe thousands of different animal species.

8. Jackson Hole – The Place of Choice for Those Who Love Outdoor Activities

The location of Jackson Hole, located in Wyoming, attracts countless tourists from everywhere. And they all have one thing in common: the passion for carrying out the most diverse outdoor activities. If this is the case, you can and should visit the region for skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, paragliding, among other types of more or less radical outdoor activities.

You can also enjoy the scenic beauty of Grand Teton National Park and the national forests surrounding this sacred natural site.

These are the 8 great places to travel to within the United States to visit one day if you have the opportunity. There are many other incredible places in the USA where you can and should travel to forget about everyday problems and worries. However, it is up to you to choose the tourist destination that meets your needs and desires. Tell us where that location is and, above all, show us the fantastic photos you took in this very special region.