To wander all around the world is the goal of the 21st century – traveling has never been so easy. You don’t need to get a travel agency involved anymore; you can be your own online travel agent. Thanks to the internet you can use travel sites to book your flight, and sometimes you can get yourself some sweet last-minute travel deals that will get you to a place you never even considered going – but that’s what exploring is all about. It is hard to avoid that strong will to travel when the internet is flooded with threads that tell you all about the most beautiful places on earth, and you have no other choice than to add them to the list of places to see before you die.

However, there are a lot of factors that may be keeping you from fulfilling your wanderlust dreams – maybe you have bills to pay, maybe you have a responsibility holding you down, or you have some current health issues that keep you from leaving your home. Gladly, the modern world allows you to find new ways to travel, even if it is only with your mind. We are going to teach you how to travel the world for free and be the best coach-amateur- traveler you can be.

1. Follow Your Favorite Traveler Online

Literally, you have thousands and thousands of travel blogs and Instagram accounts that can take you anywhere in the world. You have different styles of traveling, people of different ages, and different genders, and even though you can’t leave on an adventure of your own, you can follow them on their adventure. It is a great way to get motivated to do the same one day, to get ideas, to help you plan out your travels and to find new destinations you never even considered. And by living vicariously through someone else you save a lot on travel insurance!

Here are some travelers you can follow:

  • Where in the world is Nina?
  • Wandering Earl
  • Lost with purpose
  • Adventure Mom

2. Become Best Friends With Pinterest

If you don’t have enough time to keep up to date with your favorite travel blogs, following them on Pinterest is a great alternative. Pinterest is a highly visual platform, and even though you can add text to it, the main goal is visual stimulation. On Pinterest, you can organize yourself better, and you can save the articles that interest you on your boards to read later. If you want to use Pinterest to plan a trip, you can create your own boards and sort the boards by destination – when it’s time to pack your bags, you will already have quite the itinerary planned.

3. Listen To Podcasts About Travel

Podcasts have been around for the longest time, but they seem to be trending a lot right now. It is a great way to get information, to listen to interviews and to know all about current subjects. And the best part, you don’t have to stop what you are doing to listen to a podcast – you can multi-task. Travel podcasts are a great way to know everything about someone else’s adventures and to listen from them directly about their experiences with a million different things. Here are some of the best travel podcasts -JUMP -The Thought Card -Extra Pack of Peanuts -Chronicles Abroad

4. Engage In Travel Reading

Reading as a book is always a good way to keep your mind busy, and they allow your imagination to travel anywhere it wishes. You can get biography books that will inspire you to travel, or travel magazines, that are shorter and easier to read. And if you really want to take your imagination further, engage in some travel fiction – your mind can take you to a lot of places, more than you could ever imagine

5. Travel Without Leaving Your Living Room

The plan is pretty simple – you lock your phone and your computer in the broom closet, you set up a blanket on your living room floor, and you bring everything you might need for that day to that space. You are not allowed to leave the blanket unless you need to go to the bathroom. What’s next? Well, you will choose a country and you will marathon all the movies, documentaries, and videos you can find. The good part is that you can pick your favorite genre, so you get to enjoy the best of the 7th art while traveling inside your home – whether it’s a classical movie, a nature documentary or one of the episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s adventures thought the world.

6. Let Your Stomach Travel

Sometimes it is impossible to physically travel somewhere, but just because you can’t, doesn’t mean your stomach can’t either. One of the greatest things about exploring a new country is trying their food, but thanks to globalization and the internet, you can do that from home. You can either order food to your house or you can stock up on groceries and look for the recipes of all of your favorite foods online – it is a kitchen adventure that can take you all the way across the world.

7. Travel Within Your Country

Sometimes we find ourselves so eager to explore the unknown, we end up forgetting that we might not really know our own country all that well. There are maybe parts of your own country you don’t even know exist, foods you have never tasted and traditions you never heard of. Traveling inside your own country can be cheaper and it is a great way to connect with your own roots. Maybe you had a great grandmother that was born in a different city – take a trip there and explore. Sometimes we have the most incredible things right at our doorstep and we don’t even realize it – it can be quite wonderful to realize that there is a lot more to your “home” than you ever could have thought.