Beaches are arguably human’s favorite natural landscapes. A great percentage of people in developed countries travel to the coast during vacations to rest, recharge their batteries, and have some fun with family or friends.

Some of the most popular beaches have become heavily exploited by Man to take advantage of its natural beauty for profits: restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other beach services like sun lounger rental started to appear along the coast.

Together with the need for safety and comfort that ornamented beaches with lifeguard posts, showers, and changing rooms, all this contributed to deeply alter the natural landscape of countless beaches around the globe.

But in spite of everything, we all know some underdeveloped beach, a true natural wonder of the word that Man is yet to touch and not many people know about.

The following list shows you 7 of the most beautiful beaches in the world, each with its own particularity. These are unique places to visit that are very different from the idea of beach that inhabits your imagination: yellow sand, blue waves with foam tips, a bright breeze, and the smell of sunscreen.