Traveling feels great, with all the immense excitement of packing, leaving, and making new memories.

But dragging your immense suitcase to baggage check is probably going to break your body and make you feel less joyful than what you actually deserve to.


1. Shoes that Hurt Your Feet

Just forget about that pair of gorgeous heels that cause you to roll your ankle every time, or those beautiful lace-up pumps that feel extremely uncomfortable against your skin.

You should always leave them at home. Trust us, you’ll be so grateful so many times later.

2. Hardcover Books

You’ll certainly go over the carry-on limit. If your favorite edition comes only in hardcover and isn’t available, well, you can always find another good read.

You should save your around 700-page books for when you’re back home. You can even wait until you arrive at your destination and try to read something that’s totally different from what your usual readings.

At present, it is the most affected country by terrorism in the world, by around 1500 terror attacks every year.

3. The Bathing Suit You Never Feel Confident In

If you’re not feeling awesome in front of your mirror at home, then there’s absolutely no way you’re going to like that bathing suit once you’re on the beach.

Any clothing item in which you don’t feel confident and beautiful should be left behind, after all, wherever you’re going you sure want to have nothing but good memories and easygoing times.

4. Too Many Jeans

Your most loved blues don’t dirty so soon or so easily. Moreover, according to experts, they should only be washed once a month.

So, you can pack only one or two pairs and exchange them from day to day. Take more than three and you’ll end up spending plenty of time deciding what to wear, besides exceeding the carry-on limit.

5. Toiletries

There is absolutely no need to take all of it. Hotels always offer bar soap, lotion, razors, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, and more.

If you’re being doubtful, you can simply call in advance to check what they can provide and even the brand they carry.

This way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll need and what will only add extra weight to your suitcase.

6. Hairstyling Tools

Just like what you’d do with toiletries, call ahead to make sure that the hotel provides hairstyling tools.

If yes, you can leave your heavy hairdryer at home.

If no, ask them if they can let you borrow complimentary flat irons because more and more hotels have started offering these kinds of services.

7. Snacks

We totally understand that you’re trying to save but taking snacks with you can rarely be actually money-saving.
Just visit the local grocery store once you arrive and that’s it.