Do you remember the 2015’s Germanwings airplane crash in the Alps? Did you feel ever wanting to fly after this horrific accident? It is really scary to think of embarking adventure travel after hearing such news.

It is quite understandable, but despite the fear, air travel can turn to be fun sometimes, especially when you think of the wonderful moments you will enjoy during your vacations. Accidents happen all the time, either aboard a plane or any other means of transpiration.

This should not stop you from concluding your flight reservation and fly to your chosen destination. In the course of this, promo flights will not knock your door, you need to dig for them on travel booking websites or with the assistance of a travel booking agent.

Once this phase is over, you do know what is coming next: it is the airport time! Here starts a new journey of security lines and boarding time.

For those who have a flying phobia and cannot get off their seats, they use the airport’s bathroom. But what if you are flying for a long-distance? You have to go anyway to the airplane bathroom, but never do the following 7 things§