There is nothing like booking a trip to major cities in the world, as it is a unique way of meeting new people, different types of cultures and lifestyle habits totally different from those we are used to. And that is an incalculable wealth that opens up horizons and fills anyone’s soul.

However, despite the fact that the major cities of the world have all kinds of tourist attractions and are visited by thousands of travelers at any time of the year, you cannot and should not do everything you want.

What are the things tourists shouldn’t do in major cities? That’s what we’re going to show you below by letting you know the 7 incredible things tourists should never do in major cities. These are extremely valuable tips/recommendations that will enable you to fully enjoy the magnificent experience of traveling and discovering the most popular cities in the world. They are:

1. Suddenly Stop In The Middle Of the Sidewalks

If you have ever asked yourself, “What not to do in major tourist cities”? Suddenly stopping in the middle of the sidewalks to contemplate the architecture of the buildings or the natural landscapes of a given city space is undoubtedly one of them.

It is true that you are on vacation and have all the time in the world to appreciate all the small details of the surroundings; but locals may not have time (or patience) to stray from you when you stop in the middle of the sidewalks to take pictures, for example.

You have to realize that the locals have their own lives and, possibly, are rushing to take their kids to school or stressed out about being late for their jobs, among many other reasons – just like what happens to you when you’re in your city. So, whenever you want to stop and enjoy something that has captured your attention, be sure to lean to the side so as not to block anyone’s passage.

2. Take a Taxi at Rush Hour? No, Thanks!

Can you imagine a taxi in New York at rush hour? This image is not exclusive to New York City in the United States of America (USA) but to all major cities in the world. That is why it is not recommended that you take a taxi at the rush hour of a major European or world city.

Traffic in large cities is chaotic at rush hour and, as such, you should use public transportation instead of a taxi. These means of transport are faster, cheaper and, in the end, it is a way to get closer and get to know local people more closely.

Extra Tip: Be very careful with the pillow cases that may exist in the seats of the most varied means of public transport because, in most cases, they have never been washed or changed and, as such, they may be full of germs and bacteria.

3. Get on Public Transport without Letting People out First

This is a universal rule – and even a matter of good manners, which most people insist on not respecting. It is about letting people out first before you get on public transport (like the metro, bus, train, or other types of public transport).

What happens is that most people (tourists included) want to quickly get into a particular means of transport to book a seat and completely forget that that seat needs to be vacated in the first instance.

People who want to leave always have priority, because that is what determines the order and good circulation of people in public transport. This is something that is verified or must be verified in all travel destinations in the world.

4. Which Is the Correct Side of the Escalator?

Nowadays, escalators are everywhere: in shopping malls, restaurants, subways, airports, cafes, among other places with one or more floors. And in all of them, there is a very simple rule related to the movement of people on escalators: you must always rest on the right side if you do not want to walk on your foot.

This opens up space on the “left lane” of the escalators so that people in a hurry will overtake you and get to the top of the stairs more quickly. In this way, unnecessary queues and completely disapproving glances are avoided.

5. Wear Inappropriate and Uncomfortable Shoes

Are you one of those people who love to go on an excursion or a walk to get to know the tourist destination you chose? So you must be very careful with the shoes you plan to use on this adventure because that will be decisive for your feet’ good health and for your well-being.

You will not be walking in high-heeled shoes or informal shoes (unless you want to kill your feet), but with comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk for several kilometers. Thus, you will be able to appreciate up close all the natural wonders of the chosen place and have a unique and unrepeatable experience of that great trip.

6. Enter Alone In Unknown Areas and Further Away from Big Cities

One thing is to be adventurous and discover the main attractions of big cities; quite another is to enter alone into unknown areas and further away from large urban centers. You may even have the healthy goal of mixing with local people and getting to know their cultural differences, but you don’t know if that is safe or what you can find on the other side.

You can find friendly people as well as people who want to steal, mistreat, and much worse. If you like this type of adventure, never do it alone, but in the company of a local professional guide who takes you to the safest and most recommended places.

7. Feed the Pigeons That Live In Large Urban Centers

Did you know that you can be fined for feeding the pigeons that live in big cities? It is true, and it can be very expensive because these fines amount to hundreds of dollars. This punitive measure is increasingly adopted by major European and world cities because doves are a danger to public health, as they carry diseases and various types of viruses that are fatal to man.

In this way, avoid feeding the pigeons in large urban centers as this will deregulate their diet, increase their gastrointestinal problems – the doves’ feces corrode the facades of the monuments and attract rats to eat the remains of food that always end up on the floor.

These are the 7 incredible things tourists should never do in major cities and that you must respect to the maximum. Otherwise, you risk receiving an offense or being treated with some disdain or dislike, marking your trip through less happy episodes that could have been perfectly avoided.