Traveling on a budget and staying in cheap hotels is not everybody’s cup of tea. For many, one of the coolest things about traveling is staying in high-quality or unique hotels. It’s fair to say that a hotel can even be a tourist attraction in itself. There are hotel rooms for all tastes that provide completely different experiences, including eerie experiences, from the most luxurious and exquisite to the most picturesque and cozy rooms in rural and natural landscapes.

These are some of the creepiest hotels in the world. If you’re a fan of terror and spooky vibes, you will certainly put two or three of them on your travel wish list. After all, spooky things can be great fun.

1. The Stanley Hotel – Colorado (United States of America)

With more than a hundred years of history, this 142-room hotel located near the Rocky Mountain National Park is already a national treasure.

Legend has it that the scenery and atmosphere of the Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write the acclaimed novel The Sinning, which would later be adapted to the cinema by the hands of the great Stanley Kubrick. All the fans of The Shinning would certainly love to spend a night at the Stanley.

Whether it is due to the influence of the imaginary of The Shinning or not, the truth is that this hotel has a haunted reputation. It appeared on the TV shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventurers and has drawn several paranormal investigators’ attention over the years.

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2. Marshall House – Georgia (United States of America)

The Marshall House was a hospital for wounded soldiers during the Civil War (in 1864-65) and is perhaps the most famous hotel in Savannah. It was renovated in the 1960s, and the workers found human bones in the building, which may have contributed to the ghost stories reported by many guests.

It is a building with an immense history, which has played an important role during one of the most crucial periods in American history. If you’re into historical events and spooky experiences, you’ll certainly enjoy staying at the Marshall House.

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3. Dalhousie Castle – Bonnyrigg (Scotland)

Scotland is a top travel destination with beautiful sights and natural landscapes. How cool would it be to stay in a 13th-century castle while you discover the beauty of this country?

The Dalhousie Castle is located near Edinburgh, and it offers everything that people are looking for in a luxurious experience. Furthermore, its centuries of history and all the events that took place there in the medieval era give it somewhat of a creepy vibe.

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4. Hang Nga Guest House – Da Lat (Vietnam)

Known as the “Crazy House,” the Hang Nga Guest House looks like a surrealist architect’s work and is one of the world’s weirdest hotels. Its design resembles a giant tree, and it is of such structural complexity that many people consider it a great achievement of architecture and engineering.

It started as a personal project by Dang Viet Nga, an architect highly influenced by artist Gaudi’s work. It later opened to the public to recover all the money invested. This is not exactly a scary hotel where it is suspected there’s a ghost in every room, but it has some spooky vibes for sure.

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5. Roch Castle Hotel – Pembrokeshire (Wales)

First of all, Pembrokeshire is a gorgeous area on the coastline with beautiful mountains overlooking the ocean. It’s the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation in the countryside.

The Roch Castle Hotel is a luxury hotel in a 12th-century building with a popular ghostly story among the local population and hotel guests. During the 17th century, the Walter family lived in the Roch Castle Hotel. Some people believe that Lucy’s spirit, the young daughter who became a mistress of King Charles II and died in Paris, is still walking the corridors of the hotel. Besides, there’s always something spooky about castles. Maybe it’s the fact that many powerful families have lived there throughout the centuries.

6. Nakagusuku Hotel – Okinawa (Japan)

The Nakagusuku Hotel is an abandoned hotel whose construction was never finished due to protests by Buddhist monks. The monks claimed that the hotel was being built in a sacred area, near holy sites and graves. There were several accidents during the construction process, and part of them even caused the death of some workers. Eventually, the hotel owner would commit suicide. It’s a very intriguing story that makes these hotel ruins very, very creepy.

Of course, being an abandoned hotel, you won’t be able to be lodged in it. But if you find these kinds of buildings fascinating, you may as well include the Nakagusuku Hotel in your itinerary if you ever visit this region of Japan.

7. Monte Palace Hotel – Azores (Portugal)

The Monte Palace Hotel is another abandoned, intriguing, and beautiful hotel located on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores archipelago – a wonderful travel destination, by the way. The hotel closed just 18 months after its inauguration (yes, it was a pretty poor business decision), and a few years later, the building was completely abandoned.

The most amazing thing about this hotel is its location. It has a privileged view of the Seven Cities Lagoon, one of the most visited tourist attractions on the island. The vegetation that has grown inside, vandalism acts on the walls, and the fog that usually forms in this region gives a sinister and eerie aura.

If you want to visit the remains of this amazing hotel, you might have to hurry. A real estate company bought the building, and there are plans to rebuild a new hotel pretty soon.