Now more than ever, Instagram has everyone dreaming about the perfect tropical vacation – blue skies, clear waters, and white sand are the ideal combination for access heaven on earth.

There are only two problems: tropical islands are often crawling with tourists, and the whole trip can be a little overpriced

But then again, who wants to go to these overcrowded places when some of the most beautiful remote islands are off-the-beaten-path. Get your travel insurance ready because we seven affordable tropical destinations to present to you!

1. Montserrat

Every travel agency planning trips to the Caribbean islands will present you with popular options like the Dominican Republic or Jamaica, which are quite tempting destinations.

But what if we were to tell you that there is a tiny slice of heaven between Antigua and Nevis that is just as beautiful? Volcanic activity on the southern side of the island makes it off-limits, but the northern half of this tropical island is an absolute delight.

The wildlife here is mesmerizing, and the rainforest is unique. You will never be bored on this island since there are a lot of activities available for visitors.

It’sIt’s the type of vacation suitable for everyone since you can either be adventurous or choose to enjoy the island’s relaxed vibes. If you schedule this trip in advance, you might be able to get yourself some cheap hotel booking deals as well!

2. San Andres, Colombia

This Caribbean island is located along the coast of Nicaragua and is quite a popular vacation destination for the people of Colombia.

The island is quite small, but a lot is going on – from boating and scuba diving to snorkeling and caving, all visitors will surely have a good and adventurous time. For those who come here to relax and recharge, the beaches are astonishing and pristine.

And because we want you to have the full experience of the island life, we must recommend that you visit some of the local restaurants and indulge in some delicious fresh seafood, coming directly from the Caribbean waters. So, are you ready to start your flight booking?

3. Islas Secas, Panama

It’sIt’s not easy to find a destination capable of pleasing the whole family, but Islas Secas might do the trick. Most people who visit these remote islands stay in David, a city nearby, and come to the island to try all sorts of recreational activities.

The outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the splendid tropical beaches or go on an adventurous hike and explore the wildlife.

If you are the type of tourist who likes to experience everything a place has to offer, you can always schedule a boating excursion and enjoy the thrill of water sports. Just figure what is which day is the best day to book your flights and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

4. Bocas del Toro, Panama

The beaches with warm crystalline waters are an invitation to go to Bocas del Toro, but there is so much to do in this province of Panama. The best part is that you can visit most things in just a couple of days, so this is the type of destination you can get a late minute travel deal and go on a weekend getaway.

However, it is always best to stay for a little longer and make the most of your tropical vacation. Isla Colon is at the center of the action – here you can enjoy all the best bars, restaurants, and shops.

But along the islands, you will be able to discover untouched landscapes and immaculate beaches where you can enjoy all sorts of water sports. Take a long hike, enjoy the sweet embrace of mother nature, and take some time to relax.

5. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Brazilians like to say that their land is blessed, and if you ever visit Fernando de Noronha, you will understand why. This is the perfect place for someone who needs to take a break from all the agitation of daily life and enjoy a relaxing vacation away from everything.

UNESCO has declared this splendid island as one of their World Heritage Site, and the whole island is, in fact, a marine national park. Divers fall in love with this island because there is so much wildlife to explore inside these divine waters.

The warm-water beaches are incredibly delightful, and you will even enjoy the company of sea turtles and dolphins.

Along the island, you also have a few historic sites and museums that are worth a visit. However, if you intend to visit this tiny paradise, you need to plan, as they only allow 420 tourists on the island at a time.

6. Tuvalu

This independent nation located in the South Pacific encompasses a few of the most remote islands known to mankind. Diving enthusiasts consider Tuvalu one of the best places to practice diving since glorious coral reefs surround some islands.

Tuvalu is a very quiet place, but because it’s so remote, you might not feel the comfort you are used to experiencing in your usual traveling journeys.

Nonetheless, its natural beauty is worth the visit. However, it would be best to hurry up because climate experts have issued a warning saying the islands might disappear completely over the next century.

7. Palawan, Philippines

Asia has become quite a popular destination over the last decades, but visitors tend to focus on Indonesia and Thailand and forget about the Philippines.

The good news is that because this destination is not as popular, you might get yourself a sweet traveling deal to a place you will never forget. Palawan is one of the world’s most amazing islands. The charming fishing villages add a unique personality to this destination, and you will be amazed by the natural sightings of the jungle.

Take some time to swim in the blue lagoons and sinkholes scattered all across the island, and don’t forget to visit the world’s largest underground river. If you check the hotel booking sites, you will be pleased to find out that the prices are pretty affordable when compared to other destinations of the same kind.