The concept of “open-air” hotel rooms may seem a bit strange at first since we may associate it with something uncomfortable and not as cozy nor private as desired.

But the truth is that it has become somewhat popular in a few locations thanks to the wonderful ways some hotels managed to implement open-air rooms without ever neglecting luxury and comfort.

We’re about to show you what we mean by giving you some examples that are certain to whet your traveling appetite. It’s all about the hotel’s seemingly easy integration into the natural environment.

These places took advantage of their prime location to give their visitors a room that could all by itself turn their trip into an unforgettable experience. That’s quite an accomplishment.

So, open your hotel booking websites and see if you can get a good last-minute travel deal on one of the following high-end hotels for your nearest vacations. They will certainly provide you a unique experience and a lasting memory. One thing is for sure: you probably won’t want to leave the room, so don’t plan too many activities out of it.