Spending a week in the Caribbean paradise is every person’s dream vacation. Nevertheless, most people don’t even explore Caribbean hotels and flights because they think such a trip implies a huge financial effort.

But that’s not necessarily true. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to travel to the Caribbean and have an amazing time with your soulmate, friends, or family. After all, there are many different destinations in the Caribbean islands, and not all of them have a premium price! Just so you know, the region has more than 700 islands.

So, yes, it is possible to schedule a vacation to the Caribbean on a (relatively) tight budget. Let’s check some places that offer great value for the money.

7. Barcelo Solymar, Cuba

Located on the seafront of the Varadero beach, one of Cuba’s most popular tourist attractions, the Barcelo Solymar, is ranked as one of the best cheap Caribbean hotels in all major travel sites.

Clients who stayed in this hotel praised its location, the friendly and caring staff, and cleanliness. It also has amazing pools and a lovely view of the Caribbean sea. If you have always been curious about visiting Cuba, this might be a great option.

Price: from per night – you can find cheaper hotels along the Varadero beach, but this is probably the one that offers the best value for the money.

6. Hotel Gran Jimenoa, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known for its luxury resorts on the shores of the sea, where every room has an amazing view of white sand and clean water beaches. At least that’s the thing that first comes to our minds when we think about this country.

The Hotel Gran Jimenoa is quite different from this imagery. Located in the city of Jarabacoa, in the heart of the country, it is surrounded by a natural landscape – the Jimenoa river can be seen from many of its rooms. You can enjoy the amazing Dominican beaches and get back to your hotel amid the green vegetation to relax a little bit more at the end of the day.

Price: from per night – as you can see, it is possible to have extremely cheap Caribbean vacations.

5. Westender Inn, Jamaica

The Westender Inn is located in the city of Negril, between the Caribbean sea and a green landscape. With a more traditional décor and rooms equipped with everything you need, this family-owned hotel will certainly make you feel at home. Due to its magnificent views and the way it blends into the coastline, many travel agents recommend this spot as an excellent choice for a honeymoon.

It is also an amazing place for people who love snorkeling, so you should definitely go on an adventure to explore the coral reef.

Price: from 0 per night

4. Travellers Beach Resort, Jamaica

Yes, another hotel located in Negril, Jamaica. However, this one is best suited for those seeking an affordable resort experience. Right in front of the Seven Mile Beach, many of the hotel rooms have balconies literally on top of the sand, with an incredible view of the infinite ocean. The beachside restaurant is perfect to start a romantic evening that you will always cherish.

Price: from 0 per night

3. Memories Jibacoa, Cuba

The Memories Jibacoa is a cheap Caribbean hotel with an all-inclusive option located 50 minutes from Havana, the capital city, and near Bermejo Beach. By staying at this hotel, you can easily visit all the tourist attractions in the Havana area and enjoy the best beaches Cuba has to offer – if you want to spend a day at the Varadero beach, it is just a one-hour drive away.

When you visit Cuba, don’t just hang around the beaches. Try to immerse yourself in the Cuban culture and know more about the country and its people in depth. It is an extraordinary and very peculiar country that should be on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast (so make sure you write this travel tip down).

Price: from 0 per night

2. Yellow Bird Hotel, Barbados

The island of Barbados is the easternmost country of the Caribbean region, and it is a little slice of heaven. Filled with paradisiacal beaches and surrounded by crystal clear waters, this is a place that can awe even the most experienced travelers.

Even if you are not on a tight budget, the Yellow Bird Hotel is an option you must consider. This boutique Caribbean hotel has a central location (about 7 km from the airport and 10 km from the capital city, Bridgetown) and offers kitchenette options with private balconies overlooking the ocean.

Price: from 0 per night

1. Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa, Aruba

You’re probably thinking that you’ve never heard about a place called Aruba. You’re wrong. Sing along: Aruba, Jamaica, uh I wanna take you.

That’s how the song Kokomo by the Beach Boys starts. And you surely heard it at least a couple of times, considering its popularity. This small island near the Venezuelan coast should be known in the whole world for its fantastic beaches. The Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa hotel is simple, elegant, and has everything you need for a memorable vacation.
Price: from per night

Warning: Please note that the prices displayed might change depending on the time of the year. So don’t be surprised if it is a little bit more expensive during the high-season – in the Caribbean region, the high-season is from mid-December through mid-April. But as you can see, it’s absolutely possible to travel to the Caribbean on a budget. Keep an eye on the Caribbean airlines and you might even find some amazing flight deals.

Considering the pandemic situation and all the uncertainty it is causing within the travel industry, you should also consider buying different types of travel insurance to cover any problems that may arise before or during your vacation.