Anyone who has taken a long flight by plane knows that it can be quite uncomfortable and take forever to reach the chosen destination. And this can happen due to several factors: the excitement of taking a long trip, the anxiety of reaching a dream location, and also the inconvenience of being several hours on an airplane in the same position, among other valid reasons.

However, if you have already taken care of your plane insurance and have flight tickets for your next long-term trip, do not be terrified by these conditions. There are some airplane seat hacks that you should take in to maximize your comfort on long flights. The following 7 stands out!

1. Use a Travel Pad to Protect Your Lower Back

When we book a trip (as the long-awaited vacation getaway to that paradisiacal destination that takes about ten or more hours of travel), we are aware that we will suffer a little while we are in the air. The discomfort of sitting in the same position will cause a lot of pain in your lower back.

In fact, there are people who cannot take two-hour flights without complaining about the pain in this region, especially when they do air travel on low-cost airlines, which usually offer less space between seats.

Wondering how to have a comfortable long flight? The secret is to use a travel pillow to protect your lower back – the U shaped neck pillow is one of the most popular choices because it offers greater comfort and relaxation to this neck area.

However, if you do not have this type of travel pillow, you can use a coat, towel, or even the airplane blanket on the seatback so that the natural curve of your spine is properly supported.

2. Place Support to Raise the Feet

There are several airplane seat hacks that can be put into practice when you have a long haul flight and, most of the time, you just need to be aware of the objects around you.

Your carry-on luggage can serve, for example, as an excellent support object for you to raise your feet during the trip. Thus, you will be able to have a much more pleasant and comfortable flight, as if you were relaxing on a lounger or even sleeping a deep and invigorating sleep.

One of the best tips for sleeping on a plane is to remove your shoes during the flight. This will prevent your feet from becoming swollen due to the pressure that is exerted inside the cabin. You should also wear warm, soft socks or use foot nets or other supports to make your rest and relaxation more productive.

3. Use a Self-Inflating Pillow to Protect Your Back

Are you one of those people who are always scared of having to spend many hours on the plane? Do you think your back is not going to make it? It is natural for you to think this if you have already traveled a long way in the past and have not taken any precautions to increase your comfort.

Fortunately, some solutions will help you protect your back after you book a seat, as is the case with inflatable travel pillows.

These travel accessories are fantastic, as they are self-inflating (you don’t need to have a large lung capacity to fill them) and use non-slip materials, so you don’t always slip off the seat. Besides, they relieve pressure on the spinal cord and are extremely comfortable.

4. Recline the Seat Back for Greater Muscle Relaxation

All airplanes (regardless of their cabin space) are equipped with reclining seats, and this happens for a very simple reason: for the comfort of their passengers. So, if it’s a comfort and relaxation option, why don’t you use and abuse these plane seats?

By doing so, you will avoid neck problems and pain due to the discomfort of sitting in the same position for many hours. In addition, it will help to center your head on its backrest, preventing it from swinging uncontrollably from side to side.

When you are tired and close your eyes during the trip, your head feels like a spring without strength that looks like it will come off the body (head flopping). Do not let this happen because you will have even more severe pain in your lower back. Sit back comfortably in your seat for a safe flight.

5. Use a SpAIRTrayto Place Your Personal Items

Many people are unaware of SpAIRTray, but after hearing about it and knowing what it is for, they do not want another travel companion, especially if it is a long-term trip.

SpAIRTray is basically a tray that uses a shelf to be attached to an airplane window. So, you have enough space to put all kinds of objects you like there, such as the smartphone, sunglasses, a drink, or even the computer to work or entertain, among other equipment.

Therefore, you must reserve a seat by the window since this is the best plane seat for those who use this type of accessory.

Tip: It should be noted that caffeine intake and alcohol intake are not recommended on plane flights, especially on long-haul flights, because they have diuretic effects that could ruin your trip. In addition, don’t drink coffee or tea during a flight because the water that is used in the preparation of these drinks may be contaminated.

6. Choose the Best Window Seat

Which seat to book on a plane? Regardless of whether it’s cheap flights or long-haul flights, most people want to go to the window. And it’s not just the people who use SpAIRTray or the people who want to enjoy the views from the plane’s window.

All people who want a comfortable seat choose a place by the window because they can rest their heads on a pillow against the wall, use a blanket to cover themselves, and rest properly for several hours during the trip.

You may not get a full night’s sleep, but you will be able to get a better rest than those people who sit in the halls. These people are in no position to rest and can always be woken up by the touches of people walking in the corridors.

However, keep in mind that if the best place to travel on a plane is by the window, the worst is the one in the middle of the plane. Why the middle seat on a plane is the worst? Because this is where the plane’s engines are located, and they are quite noisy and will impair your rest.

7. Use and Abuse the Massage Balls

Massage balls are a kind of best friend for all travelers, especially those who take long trips by plane. They help the body to be more relaxed before, during, and even after flights because it will work and relax the muscles of the body that you feel are tenser.

Most of the time, people need to rest a lot to regain the strength and energy they lost during the plane trip – that’s why the first day of vacation is spent sleeping in the hotel, on the beach or by the pool. When using a massage ball, you will not feel so worn out and will have a greater disposition and travel comfort.

These are the seven airplane seat hacks that will boost your comfort when traveling by plane, especially in those marathons that are 10 or more hours long. Put them into practice on your next trip and have safe travel in all aspects. Your body will be forever grateful to you.