1. Silent Retreat In India

It’s not surprising to find out that stress, anxiety, and depression have become very common issues nowadays. The social life, as well as technology, made it quite impossible for the modern man to experience ultimate relaxation, comfort, and wellness.

The modern man is more prone to health and psychological issues. Hence, traveling to a place where one can unwind and get some peace of mind is strongly recommended.

The silent Retreat in India is, for instance, a great place to connect with your inner soul and practice some deep and meaningful meditation. In this Vipassana retreat, participants are made to follow a monastic lifestyle and take a 10-day vow of silence.

People who have been there and lived the experience said that this retreat helped them to improve their wellbeing and enhanced self-understanding.

2. Return to the womb, Gran Canaria

The mother’s womb is an amazing tool of relaxation, but unfortunately, it’s a one way trip for all of us. However, This doesn’t mean that you can’t live the experience differently!

In Gran Canaria and more particularly at the Lopesan Costa Meloneras resort, participants can lie in a fetal position or simply curl up on a waterbed while enjoying the ambient sounds emanating from the red warm walls.

You will come out of this retreat a brand new person. You will also tend to experience unexplainable feelings of comfort, peace, self-love, passion, and self-appreciation.