Nobody is born a savvy traveler but with time and experience, travelers can come up with useful travel hacks that make traveling easier and more enjoyable. As a beginner in the world of travel, you will be making so many travel mistakes but as you travel more, you will become a seasoned traveler. But hey, do you really want to wait years till you become a smarter traveler? Don’t you want to take some shortcuts and be always prepared for everything?

You can make traveling easier and make the most of your vacation if you follow these top 6 useful travel hacks!

1. Make extra copies of your travel documents

All sorts of unpredictable mishaps can happen when traveling, and perhaps the most frustrating of all is losing your passport or other important documents. This more of a precautional step than just a travel hack: Make sure to e-mail yourself copies of your passport (legalized if need be) and any sort of document just in case. It’s not uncommon for passports to get stolen or lost, so those extra copies will come in handy.

2. Visit historical places at lunchtime

Historical attractions are most crowded in the evening and sometimes in the mornings, depending on where you are. If you don’t like the crowd, it’s a great idea to visit a historical site at lunchtime when tourists head to lunch. You won’t be stressed and you will be able to see everything comfortably.

3. You don’t have to eat out every day

Though you’re a traveler/tourist, you don’t have to overspend eating out every night. Your travel hack is this: Take the local’s way and cook your own food (if it’s allowed at your accommodations). Go grocery shopping and cook something delicious, maybe even try cooking a local meal; you will save more money and eat more healthy.

4. Carry a first aid kit

You can never know what could go wrong while traveling, and accidents are not uncommon so even if it’s nothing serious, the anxiety of not being able to do anything about it can add to the stress. That is especially true if you’re in a country or city where you don’t know your way around.

That is why you should always be prepared — take a basic first aid kit with band-aids, burn cream, antibacterial cream, ointments to treats any minor injury or accidental cut.

5. Use Google Translate

If you’re too lazy to memorize/learn basic local phrases, download Google Translate offline to translate from English to the language you need. It will make your travel easier, especially if you don’t have internet for Google directions and you need to get somewhere. You can even make local friends even if you don’t speak the local language, all using Google Translate (you can share a laugh at some Google Translate fails with a local, and boom, you have a new friend!)

6. Book your flight 3 months prior

Want to get the cheapest flight tickets? Try booking your flight three or two months in advance to save yourself the stress and the money! You can look for cheap flights online using the incognito tab in Google Chrome to see the flights at lower prices or download Google Flights! Have a smarter, smoother, and safer trip with these travel hacks! Let us know how it all went.