So you’ve been bitten by the travel bug? Congratulations, now you’re in for a fun time that involves some of the smartest hacks and tricks. If you think that all there is to travel hacks is finding a cheap flight or downloading Google Maps offline, you’re in for a surprise because there is no limit to how creative you can get when you really want to make your travel smoother and more comfortable.  It can go from saving more space in your checked bag to keeping your shoes in a shower cap, there is no limit! Now check out this list of 6 travel hacks that will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought about them before.

Pack your travel bags and get your flight tickets ready. Let’s go!

1. Put your shoes in a shower cap

You don’t have a shoe bag or plastic bag? That’s not an issue, you can always use a shower cap to separate your dirty shoes from the rest of your clothes while packing on the way back home. And if the idea of keeping shoes (dirty soles and all) in a shower cap makes you cringe, remember that you can always wash it like you wash your clothes! 2. Roll your clothes for more space You don’t have enough space in your travel bag? Rather than folding your clothes, try rolling them, which will save you more space for other items to put in your bag and keep your clothes from wrinkling. Pretty simple and neat, right?

3. Cover razors with binder clips

Trust me, you don’t want to deal with bloody fingers while traveling, and the best hack to avoid that is by using a binder clip.  It’s very easy to cut your fingers while searching for an item in your carry-on bag, so make sure all your blades are protected. You can even go a step further and order a razor blade cover from Amazon.

4. Mark your bags as “fragile”

Now, this is what I call the ultimate travel hack. If you want to be the first to get your bag at the airport, mark your luggage as “fragile!” Not only will your baggage be handled carefully, but it will also be at the top of the pile in the airplane’s storage compartment. Clever, am I right?

5. Pack dryer sheets

We have all come across travelers whose bags smelled from miles away.  If you don’t want to be that traveler, don’t mix your dirty clothes with clean ones; stock up on dryer sheets to keep them smelling fresh during long-haul flights.  You can wrap smaller items of your dirty laundry in dryer sheets and wipe the rest with dryer sheets. Also, remember that shoe storing hack? Why not fill your shoes with dryer sheets to keep that nasty odor at bay?!

6. Put batteries in the fridge 

Worried your batteries might die too soon? I have the best travel hack for you. Yes, you can get a power bank for your phone, but what about your laptop? If you have to use your laptop on the plane or train, you can just place the battery in the hotel fridge to keep it full of juice for longer.  It might sound weird or stupid, but remember the rule: It’s not stupid if it works! Those were the top travel hacks for you. So how did you find them? Tell us in the comments below.