Most people dream of traveling the world for an unlimited amount of time to visit all the beautiful places and attractions in all four corners of the globe. Unfortunately, this is a dream that is only fulfilled by a few. Besides being very expensive, it requires a lot of free time, which is something that many of us simply don’t have. But it is not an impossible dream. It just requires some effort and willpower. With the right mindset and set of skills, it is possible to travel the world for free – or even get paid to do so (or while doing so). Interested? Jump in!

1. Teaching abroad

There are countless organizations (both non-profit and private) looking for people willing to move to a so-called developing country to teach underprivileged children or teaching English abroad as a native English speaker. This is an excellent way for young graduates to know other realities and cultures while gaining valuable experience for their professional careers. That’s probably why teaching abroad has become so popular among this segment of the population. In some cases, you don’t even need a teaching degree to get this kind of job. But that’s not all. Teaching abroad in international schools can also be a viable option for experienced teachers who want to progress in their careers and live in other countries. There are plenty of opportunities that offer excellent wages and working conditions.

2. Volunteer abroad

Volunteering is a fundamental part of any society. There are many organizations (including governmental ones) that promote all kinds of programs. As a result, you can volunteer to teach English abroad, work with refugees, do agricultural work, environmental etc. There are volunteer opportunities for anything you can think of, really. What’s great about these volunteer trips is that you usually can choose the time you want to spend enrolled in a specific program. For instance, you don’t have to pay for accommodation and food expenses. You can also get plenty of free time to explore the area, you develop a set of key skills, and you get to know amazing people from all backgrounds and cultures. In a way, it is a sort of travel hack that allows you to travel for free.

3. Become a cruise staff member

Cruise companies are actively recruiting new staff members for different positions all year round: entertainers, bartenders, waiters, cleaning personnel, and even lifeguards and security. If you know how to search and have a bit of luck, you might find a job vacancy that’s a perfect fit for you. Depending on the specific position, being a cruise staff member can be very tough. They generally work long hours, and the salary for low-skilled employees is not exactly high. But it allows you to travel the world and visit some fantastic locations. And for those who are eager to travel, this factor is extremely attractive and makes up for all the potential downsides.

4. Become a travel blogger or influencer

The internet and social media created a series of new markets and submarkets in the digital space. As a result, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers have come to dominate an important part of this space. Consuming content made by these creators is already part of many people’s routines. Nowadays, millions of people make a living by creating content and sharing it with their social media followers. Content creators focused on travel and lifestyle have seen a sharp growth in recent times allowing people to see the world virtually for free. Of course, growing a social media account in a way that allows you to earn an acceptable income is something challenging to do. But you should definitely give it a try.

5. Find a remote job

Spending a few months in different cities while working remotely has become trendy. Highly skilled people in the IT area usually can find a remote opportunity relatively easily. Workers from other areas might struggle a little bit, but more and more remote opportunities will arise as time goes on. Look out for those if you really want to work remotely. Some people even believe remote work will become the norm. Additional tip: if you currently have a job that could be performed remotely without any inconvenience whatsoever, you can also try to negotiate with your boss the possibility of moving to a remote position. These days companies are more open to this idea, so don’t be afraid to ask. Besides, the worst thing that could happen is hearing a “no.”

6. Couchsurfing

In general, Couchsurfing can be described as a different way to visit new cities. Travelers stay at a local’s house as a guest, and most of the time, sleep on a couch, hence the name. You probably already heard about this concept because it is quite popular among budget travelers. It is a great tip to travel the world for free when it comes to accommodation, which is usually one of the most significant costs of any trip. But what’s great about Couchsurfing is the fact that you can create a connection with your host, who can show you the city and the true culture of the region you’re visiting. You can find hosts on the website, a great platform for people interested in this way of traveling. You can also become a host and provide accommodation for like-minded travelers.