An airport can be a magical place. Some writers suggest that these places are actually where people are most sincere with their feelings.

And there’s a truth to that — if you look closely, you will find laughter, tears, loving, isolation. Forget all the bad experiences you had with your flights: think about all the positive things you’ve experienced in your travel history.

We know it can get messy with flight ticket changes, long layover flights, airline overbooking, and flight ticket cancellations.

But for a second, think about the privilege of flying, of using your vacation time abroad, and being able to choose different travel destinations. It’s such a new possibility in humankind’s lifetime if you consider it all.

In conclusion, airlines can be difficult to deal with (ever tried to get a flight delay compensation?), but they can also be a blessing for our holidays.

One of the things your airline won’t tell you before your departure is about the airplane terminal where you will land. Just for fun, here are the 6 most mysterious in the world.